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EBC Group improves TeacherActive’s virtual desktop environment with private cloud solution

TeacherActive who specialise in recruitment for supply teachers had seen rapid growth and required a scalable IT platform that was able to support multiple sites and increased numbers of employees. The new IT infrastructure would also need to provide increased visibility and be future-proof for continued growth.


When EBC Group were first approached by TeacherActive, we found their IT environment had minimal visibility into their core infrastructure. As a fast growing business with mulitple outlets they required a solution that would work across a number of sites and allow for future growth.

TeacherActive were running on a shared multi-tenanted system, which meant they were sharing their resources with other companies. With Internet speeds that were failing to keep pace, and a previous IT company that were slow to respond to support issues, TeacherActive were in desperate need of a high performance system that would support future expansion.




  • Growing number of sites
  • Increase in remote workers
  • Required scaleable IT platform
  • Support issues not dealt with promptly by old IT provider




  • Converted to a dedicated private cloud solution
  • State of the art hardware to cope with increasing resources
  • Installation of fibre leased lines for inter-site connectivity


Benefits Icon


  • Private virtual environment with full visibility for IT manager
  • Future proof infrastructure with the ability to expand
  • Increased performance and internet speeds



After consulting with TeacherActive, EBC Group conducted an in-depth analysis into their current infrastructure to understand where the system bottlenecked and affected performance.

  • EBC Group operated outside of TeacherActive’s business hours to minimise downtime for a seamless migration.
  • EBC Group handles all communication with previous third parties to successfully migrate current virtual servers to EBC Group’s in-house data centre.



TeacherActive now benefit from a high performance system that provides via a private cloud, virtual desktop environment and improved connectivity, future proofing their environment with state of the art technology.

  • Migrating all of TeacherActive’s servers, EBC Group provided a dedicated private cloud infrastructure, and a new virtual desktop environment.
  • Previous performance issues were tackled by providing state of the art hardware to cope with increasing resources to their virtual desktops for better performance.
  • Virtual desktops for all employees could be accessed on the move from multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops and HTML access.
  • Dedicated fibre leased lines were installed for inter-site connectivity and increased internet speeds.




Industry: Recruitment
Location: Birmingham
Employees: 151