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Private Cloud Hosting Solutions

Your own dedicated IT infrastructure providing the most secure, high-performance private cloud hosting solution

ebcCloud Private is a dedicated, high performance, ultra-secure, private cloud hosting platform built upon Dell PowerEdge and Cisco UCS blade architecture, providing your organisation with the ultimate in reliability, availability and redundancy.

Our private cloud runs on hardware that is dedicated to your organisation, which means there are no shared resources, providing your organisation with the ultimate in security and compliance.


Why ebcCloud Private?

Private cloud services enable you to enhance security standards, offering fully dedicated storage, computer and network resources in an isolated environment. They can help you meet your compliance obligations by ensuring data remains private and protected whilst delivering greater control over how your cloud resources are delivered.

Hosted in our privately owned, Tier 3, ISO-certified and PCI-compliant UK data centres, your private cloud solution combines cutting-edge Hosted on your own dedicated physical infrastructure hardware Ultimate in security to fully meet your requirements 24/7 on site monitoring and support infrastructure with our private cloud hosting expertise and support, that provides you with with the most flexible and secure private cloud solution.

Features and benefits

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Dedicated infrastructure

Hosted on your own dedicated physical infrastructure hardware


Ultimate in security to fully meet your requirements

24 7 Support

24/7 on site monitoring and support


Fully supported by our team of specialists


Complex switching environment to enable fully customisable solutions


UK-based, ISO-certified and PCI-compliant data centre

Our Private Cloud Hosting Solutions

Dedicated Resources 

Our private cloud hosting solution offers dedicated resources exclusively for a single organisation. This means that the computing infrastructure, storage, and network resources are not shared with other tenants. Your business has exclusive access to these resources, providing better performance, reliability, and control over your cloud environment.

24/7 On-Site Monitoring and Support

24/7 on-site monitoring and support offer proactive issue detection and quick resolution. With continuous surveillance and dedicated professionals, potential problems are swiftly identified and addressed, minimising disruptions. Access to round-the-clock support ensures timely assistance and guidance, providing peace of mind and enabling businesses to focus on their core objectives.

Expert Support Team 

With their expertise and round-the-clock availability, your business can rely on the prompt assistance and guidance of our expert support team whenever needed. Our support team ensures proactive monitoring, quick issue resolution, and reliable performance of the private cloud environment. 

Our dedicated professionals bring peace of mind and enable your business to focus on your core operations, knowing that they have a dependable support team backing them up every step of the way.


EBC Group’s primary data centre resides on one of the twenty UK BT core nodes, with direct low latency access in to BT’s 21CN network. EBC Group’s multiple data centres are inter-connected by diversely routed ultra-high-speed fibre connections for resiliency, scalability and performance. Multiple internet breakouts co-exist in each location for maximum performance and availability.

EBC Group Group’s primary data centre resides on the core node, meaning there are zero hops between EBC Group’s data centre and BT’s core network, which significantly reduces latency. Our data centres have the benefit of using multiple providers where the platform is agnostic and is determined by the provider’s compatibility.

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Why choose EBC Group for your Private Cloud Hosting Solutions?

Choosing EBC Group for your private cloud hosting means you can access their UK-based data centre. With our dedicated resources, customisation options, and 24/7 on-site monitoring and support, EBC Group provides a robust and tailored private cloud hosting service. We are a trusted & accredited managed service provider with a proven track record of delivering for businesses from across the UK.

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See how technology can improve your business…

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