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Our UK Data Centre Solutions

State-of-the-art UK Data Centres

EBC Group’s primary data centre is situated within Telephone House, at Birmingham BT Tower, which is the 3rd largest communication hub in the UK. This location and our partnership with BT ensures we can provide unrivalled connectivity, resilience and latency.

Our Birmingham data centre sits alongside our other high specification data centres based in the West Midlands and Bristol, providing an always-on facility, with no single point of failure. Uptime data centre tier standards are a standardised method to determine the availability and reliability of a data centre facility.

Built to Tier 3 specifications the data centre has fully backed-up power supply and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, ensuring 99.982% availability for customers’ applications and data.

Latency, which is the delay before a transfer of data, is significantly reduced by the distance between a data centre and the core node. The more hops required, means the more gateways and interconnections that are required, with each adding further delay. The EBC Group data centre resides on a core node, meaning there are zero hops between EBC Group’s data centre and BT’s core network, which significantly reduces latency.

EBC Group’s Birmingham data centre has the highest levels of security which ensures your data remains protected, including being powered by a UPS system, backed up by a generator and safety systems including VESDA and Inergen.


Availability uptime


UK data centres


monitoring, with instant access to your data and systems

Features and benefits


Direct connectivity to BTs Core Ethernet Network

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Unrivalled latency

Extremely low latency due to presence in a global Internet Hub


Powered by a UPS system and backed up by a generator


Highest levels of security, including biometric authentication and man-traps


Safety systems including VESDA and Inergen

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Soc2, PCI DSS, HIPA and ISO accredited

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EBC Group’s primary data centre resides on one of the twenty UK BT core nodes, with direct low latency access in to BT’s 21CN network. EBC Group’s multiple data centres are inter-connected by diversely routed ultra-high-speed fibre connections for resiliency, scalability and performance. Multiple internet breakouts co-exist in each location for maximum performance and availability.

EBC Group Group’s primary data centre resides on the core node, meaning there are zero hops between EBC Group’s data centre and BT’s core network, which significantly reduces latency. Our data centres have the benefit of using multiple providers where the platform is agnostic and is determined by the provider’s compatibility.

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