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IT Solutions

With technology continuously evolving, the cost and time required to keep on top of these changes can often be difficult for businesses to manage. Our aim is to provide our clients with a proactive service, where we act as your own IT advisor able to recommend ongoing solutions. As well as implementing your IT and providing day to day support to make sure everything runs smoothly, we will work closely with you to ensure that we provide innovative solutions that help your organisation grow.

EBC Group believe in creating an ongoing partnership with your business that ensures that we fully understand your organisation from top to bottom and what your objectives are, both now and in the future. We can then offer forward thinking IT solutions which mean your business and its workforce works in the most efficient way, helping you to reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage.

Because we are a Total Solutions Provider, offering solutions across a wide range of areas including IT and telephony, we can find the ideal solution for your organisation.

We will bring new ideas to our clients and listen to their challenges before investigating different solutions, whether they are looking for ways to make their workforce more agile and mobile or want to reduce operational costs across multiple sites. 

Read our case studies to see how we work alongside our clients, forming ongoing partnerships that have enabled them to transform the way they work.

IT Audit

Has your IT system run out of steam? How long has it been since you really gave it a good check-up? Having a stable and efficient ICT infrastructure is crucial to the running of any successful business. It’s no secret that having a better IT and technology system in place, can have a direct impact on overall productivity and business growth.

Find out if you IT could be improved through a free IT audit

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"‘Having partnered our IT services with EBC Group, our infrastructure has been completely refreshed having overhauled a tired and dated system. The EBC Group team has transformed an underperforming IT system providing Jupiter Marketing with centralised support and an IT partner that really understands the importance of flexibility and future proofing our systems'. "

Ian Grubb, Financial Controller at Jupiter Marketing

Remote Working Section

Remote Working

Remote working will boost your productivity

But there are significant challenges for your IT and communications infrastructure to consider

Benefits of remote working

The advent of improved IT and communications has enabled staff to work from outside the office, whether from home or on the move. The benefits of remote working such as remote access to desktops, email and other business applications present an excellent opportunity to boost business productivity and create a more flexible and dynamic workforce. However it can also pose a significant challenge to your existing IT and communications infrastructure.


Are you ready for remote working?

For SMEs that haven’t got the right IT and communications setup it can cause issues such as loss of productivity through not being able to get access or security issues of accessing data in an unsecure environment. Larger businesses with disparate teams spread across many different locations can add a layer of complexity and place strain on existing IT architecture. Ensuring information is readily accessible in order to enable teams to collaborate and share content when they need to, requires far more than the traditional tools of email and telephone.

Utilise the cloud

Whether working from home, on the move or from a client site, your aim should be to create a scalable solution that allows the entire workforce to connect with one another whenever necessary and where possible benefit from the flexibility of cloud-based solutions.

Keep data safe

As you look to mobilise your workforce, take the time to consider the increasing risks associated with 'anywhere' access to sensitive documents. Investing in cloud data encryption or secure Electronic Information Management system can pay dividends.

At a glance:

The technology and security challenges of having remote access to your work network can cause organisations to be wary of remote working but EBC Group can help you design a solution that suit your requirements, budget and business needs. 

We offer a range of remote working solutions which range from hosted services to more permanent network and infrastructure solutions:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Hosted Desktop
  • Terminal Server for thin clients
  • Private or Hybrid Cloud

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IT Services Section

IT Services

Award wining IT services for business

We create a partnership with your business in order to understand its needs and find the right solution

Our IT solutions extend to more than simply implementing products and services. The true value lies in the partnerships we forge with our clients, via on-going account management that not only monitors their current needs, but identifies future requirements.

Our consultative approach when working with our clients means that we get a full understanding of their processes and help them overcome their business issues, meaning we can implement solutions that transform the way they work and enable them to operate.

As a total solutions provider EBC Group offer a comprehensive range of IT services from support to complete infrastructure projects. Whether a customer requires an on-premise or cloud-based solution, EBC Group work in partnership to a deliver a secure and high performing solution.

"I have been very happy with the way EBC have performed over the duration of this project, their engineers are very knowledgeable and happy to help out where they are needed. It’s been really beneficial have them come in and include my team with the project to impart some of their knowledge on. I can’t recommend EBC Group enough and when I compare them to who we used previously... I’m annoyed we didn’t find them sooner. "

Graham Godber, Customer Service & IT Manager, Mainstay Group Ltd

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Multi-site Networking Section

Multi-site Networking

Offices at different locations operating like a single network

Reduce costs and increase productivity with a multi-site solution

For organisations with multiple sites and offices located in different geographies keeping your workforce, applications and data connected without the right technology can be expensive and inefficient and confusing.

We provide innovative multi-site network solutions that enable flexible working practice and enhanced performance with staff at different locations able to work as though they are based in the same location.

For multi-site businesses, we are regularly asked to provide a solution to connect those sites and enable the sharing of data, documents and applications. 

Multi-Site networking can be achieved by connecting multiple locations to make a Private Wide Area Network (PWAN). Your systems will operate as if they are all operating on the same local network with your workforce having access to all the shared resources that they need for their role, no matter where they are based geographically.

Having a central location means you spend less on hardware, licences, and systems, which may have been at each office. Making calls between different offices is also free, which can significantly reduce costs.

Multi-site networking makes it possible to combine all those offices onto one unified network, enabling you to synchronise all of your business systems and reduce cost. Other services such as backup and disaster recovery can also be consolidated.

At a glance:

  • Private Wide Area Network (PWAN)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Leased line

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Virtualisation Section


Improve IT flexibility & lower costs

Improve availability by consolidating your servers on to a virtual infrastructure

What is server virtualisation?

Server virtualisation consolidates your physical server infrastructure into a streamlined virtual environment, by:

  • Deploying 2 or more high capacity servers to house your current physical servers as Virtual Servers
  • Minimising the amount of physical hardware used
  • Migrating your physical server environment to virtual servers P2V
  • Creating redundancy across your new virtual hosts
  • Live migration features and advanced DR capabilities


Why should I choose virtualisation?

Many organisations are choosing server virtualisation as a way of reducing the total cost of ownership and combat the rising costs in server hardware maintenance and power consumption. Virtualisation will enable an organisation to:

  • Reduce the number of servers required to support computing needs
  • Reduce hardware support costs
  • Reduce hardware cost for disaster recovery
  • Reduce the cost of IT operations
  • Reduced power and cooling costs
  • Deploying a server takes minutes rather than days
  • Eliminate business unplanned downtime

Virtulisation at a glance:

  • Instant Recovery: Restore an entire machine in minutes 
  • Agentless: No agents are required
  • Built-in deduplication and compression
  • On demand sandbox
  • Universal file level recover

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