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Digital Workspace Services

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Connect, engage and collaborate from anywhere, on any device with your digital workplace

Boosting your productivity, EBC Group’s digital workplace solutions boost efficiency and reduce costs across your organisation.

Improving productivity and enhancing employee experience, the digital workplace is now a critical component of modern business environments. Providing a central place where employees can collaborate and access key data and applications, digital workplaces provide a platform for remote work opportunities, by integrating all major business applications, information and processes.

A cost effective solution, that reduces physical hardware and office space, a digital workplace provides significant cost savings, which frees up funds for wider investment, and helps aid digital transformation.

EBC Group can help plan, implement and support a digital workplace that gives your employees the tools they need to connect, collaborate and perform their day-to-day tasks.

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of businesses expect their spend on tech and digital transformation to increase as a result of the Covid-19.

Digital Workspace Services

Our digital workplace solutions give you the solutions to have a modern workplace and workforce:

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Features and benefits


Create a collaborative culture by centralizing access to data and communications in digital format


Transparent environments, your employees can easily track and share tasks or projects, and eliminate disparate systems


Gain valuable insights into your business, IT and user insights, and make valuable and informed decisions

Remote working

Data and applications that are accessed online, gives your employees the option to work remotely and flexibly perform tasks from any location

Cost saving

Save on costly hardware and office space, which will free-up resources for you to invest on further services or products


Providing a platform that creates consistency across the business and tasks in accordance with compliance and regulation

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