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Server Virtualisation Solutions

Improve availability and reduce costs

Improve availability and reduce costs by consolidating and virtualising your server infrastructure.

Many organisations are choosing server virtualisation as a way of reducing the total cost of ownership and combat the rising costs in server hardware maintenance and power consumption.


Features and benefits

Reduce servers:

Reduce the number of servers required to support your computing needs, and minimise your server footprint

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Reduce costs

Make considerable cost savings on hardware, with virtual updates which can be deployed instantly with minimal costs

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Power consumption

Maintaining servers and server environments can be costly, reduce the power required and the cooling costs associated with servers


Deploying a virtual server takes minutes, rather than days, making the on boarding of applications and employees quick and easy

Instant recovery

In the unlikely case of unplanned downtime, entire machines can be restored in minutes with minimal disruption to your operations

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IT Operations

Maintaining servers can be both time consuming and costly, virtualisation alleviates your IT teams from menial tasks

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Your business, but more efficient

By virtualising your IT infrastructure you’ll benefit from a simpler more efficient environment. Your applications will deploy faster, with increased performance, plus your day-to-day operations will become automated resulting in a IT system that’s easier and less costly to manage.

With companies now incorporating virtual environments in their daily work-flow, server backup and disaster recovery has now become essential. EBC Group’s Veeam solution provides a fast, reliable and flexible recovery of virtualised applications and data.

Designed to tackle the downtime of crucial business applications, a Veeam and Disaster Recovery solution combined provide a local server recovery as well as an inclusive cloud backup and recovery solution

See how technology can improve your business…

See how technology can improve your business…

There is an ideal technology solution for your business, whatever your objectives. From a full-scale digital transformation project to simply saving money on your current IT setup.

Answer 4 questions to find which solution is right for your business.

Reduce costs with virtualisation

Reducing the cost of ownership and combating the rising costs in server hardware maintenance and power consumption.

Server virtualisation consolidates your physical server infrastructure into a streamlined virtual environment, by:

  • Deploying 2 or more high capacity servers to house your current physical servers as Virtual Servers
  • Minimising the amount of physical hardware used
  • Migrating your physical server environment to virtual servers P2V
  • Creating redundancy across your new virtual hosts
  • Live migration features and advanced DR capabilities

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