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Titan Europe Transform dated infrastructure with IT, Telephony & Print solutions

Titan Europe Plc are a global manufacturer of wheels, tyres and undercarriage solutions. Based on an old site, that is very spread-out and made up of a collection of dated buildings meant that over time the business had accumulated a number of different PC’s and printers.

Titan were struggling to maintain a disjointed and messy print environment. Each room housed their own individual printers that required various toners and paper, making the overall process costly and inefficient. 



From further discussions, EBC Group also found that Titan were running an antiquated telephone system via traditional ISDN lines, which were expensive and inflexible. Despite employing a capable internal IT team, the huge site with multiple offices and warehouses made it difficult to manage the old analogue technology, cabling and equipment. Linking between, and connecting these sites was a real challenge, in addition to the consumer level Wi-Fi which meant remote access was not possible.

Additionally, thick walls throughout the site made simple IT jobs such as cabling difficult, in addition to Wi-Fi signals being unable to penetrate the walls.


EBC Group really are our central IT hub, all of our IT, servers and data are backed-up and stored with them, and they have also helped us put in a large Wi-Fi system. We have gone from being a completely IT illiterate company, to cutting edge from an IT perspective.

Chris Akers - Managing Director Wheels Division, Titan Europe


  • Disorganised print environment
  • Existing IT was failing to keep up with the demands of the business
  • Inflexible and antiquated telephone system made it difficult to link between sites




  • Brand new Multi-functional print devices
  • Modern SIP trunking replaced dated ISDN lines
  • Fully managed IT solution, including co-location


Benefits Icon


  • Cost controlled and efficient print environment
  • Greater connection between sites, including free calls to sister sites
  • Wi-Fi solution allows for remote access 



Titan Europe Plc were looking for a partner that would provide a consultative approach and a vision for the future.

  • The first step was to remove all of old printers and replace these with a smaller number of multi-functional devices, as part of managed print service.
  • Replacement of old analogue line with a leased line, replacing ISDN lines with modern SIP trunking to provide VoIP telephony.
  • A fully managed IT infrastructure was installed, providing co-location to EBC Group’s private data centre, with a hybrid cloud solution providing on-site and off-site support.
  • Installation of business-grade wireless which gave full seamless roaming across the entire site with both private and guest access.



Titan Europe Plc have received a range of benefits including; a managed print service, new telephony system and new Wi-Fi solution, which have improved both efficiency and lowered operational costs.

  • Consolidation of print devices and the introduction of a managed print service that has significantly lowered both maintenance and consumable costs.
  • New telephony system has made savings across communications, with the bridged network enabling free calls to other sister sites and overseas.
  • Employees are now able to connect remotely to the network, even when abroad which has significantly reduced mobile phone bills.
  • Their new Wi-Fi solution means they have remote access to the internet across the entire site. Titan Europe PLC have since been able to develop an in-house application and provide their engineers with electronic devices and scanners that link to their back office system.



Titan Europe

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Worcestershire
Employees: 2522