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Selly Park School invests in new cloud managed Wi-Fi solution

Selly Park Girls School located in Birmingham, is a highly successful academic institute providing secondary school education to girls in the West Midlands.

Their vision to expand the school and build upon their existing academic success was previously hindered by an ageing Wi-Fi system that was limiting the school’s digital capabilities.


On-going Wi-Fi issues meant connection across the campus was very limited and slow, with an aging 7 access point HP system providing very little coverage.

Aware of the need to keep up with digital growth, Selly Park engaged with EBC Group with a view to upgrading their outdated Wi-Fi solution to a more robust and accessible cloud managed wi-fi system.


I would highly recommend using EBC for WiFi replacement; it was a pleasure to work with them. The whole process was a smooth transition from start to finish and allowed me to give them a list of prerequisites all of which were carried out.

Andrew Coveney - IT Operation Manager, Selly Park Girls School




  • Existing ageing Wi-Fi system
  • Limited Coverage in the school
  • Unreliable connectivity




  • Cloud Managed Cambium System
  • With 38 access points across site


Benefits Icon


  • State-of-the-art Wi-Fi across the school
  • Future proofed and flexible to meet growing needs
  • Meets the demands of digital education



To ensure Selly Park School were investing in a solution that would meet their educational needs now, and in the future, discussions were held with EBC Group to outline exactly what they wanted from the system. This entailed;

  • Design a system based on school site maps to ensure each room in the building would be covered.
  • Site walk with key staff, to address the practicality of the proposal and make amendments if needed.
  • System configuration largely done offsite, with 1 day installation to reduce interruption.


Since the implementation of a new Wi-Fi system, Selly Park School have experienced zero issues with the new system, with benefits including;

  • A Wi-Fi system that now covers the whole school and is inclusive for students and staff.
  • State-of-the-art system that is future proofed and will grow with the school’s demand.
  • They have currently used upward of 45 laptops in one room, with no connectivity, network or internet issues.



Selly Park Girls School

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