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BMW Superbikes implement EBC Cloud solution

The BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team, is a collaboration between BMW Motorrad Motorsport and the British Shaun Muir Racing Team. The squad around Team Principal Shaun Muir has a wealth of experience in racing and in the FIM Superbike World Championship making them perfect partners to BMW Motorrad Motorsport in the BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team.

EBC Group have formed a strong working relationship with BMW over the past 3 seasons in the World Superbike Championships, allowing the team to better gather and analyse data through their Cloud data storage, IT hardware and IT support services.


The BMW Motorrad WorldSBK team needed a way to deal with the vast amounts of information that they acquire on the test track and at the circuits. This data needed to be transferred back to the headquarters in Munich, where a team of engineers process the information.


EBC Group have been with BMW for the past 3 seasons in the World Superbikes. It has been a great relationship so far and one that we hope can continue for many more seasons, it has allowed us to take the successes that we’ve had on the track and replicate them off it.

Shaun Muir - Team Principal, BMW WorldSBK

Using the EBC Group Cloud, their data is now transferred instantaneously and securely to their headquarters in Munich and this communication can take place remotely, whether the team are on the test track or on the circuit.

The data is transferred during each session so that it can be analysed in real-time, second by second. This analysis is vitally important to the entire team for them to make split-second crucial decisions regarding performance during a race.





  • Slow data transfer
  • Local data storage
  • Requirement for new IT hardware




  • Cloud file server
  • Cloud data storage
  • IT Support


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  • Instantaneous and secure transfer of data
  • Communication of data to headquarters in Munich



To ensure data can be transferred seamlessly and securely between the team and headquarters storage was created in the EBC Cloud.

  • Cloud File server
  • Cloud storage
  • IT Support


Data acquired on the test track and at the circuits can quickly be migrated back to the factory headquarters in Munich, where a team of engineers will process the information.

  • Seemless migration of data
  • Secure data transfer
  • New hardware and laptops


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BMW Motorrad WSBK team

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Location: United Kingdom
Employees: 50