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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Empower your employees to protect your business against cyber threats

Helping you detect and protect threats to your employees and business.

Unfortunately, staying secure is not as simple as purchasing security technology and then sitting back and doing nothing. As with security in the real world if you were to protect your business with sophisticated locks, high-tech alarms and CCTV, but then a member of staff leaves the front door open you are still vulnerable.

That’s why alongside technology every business should implement simple processes and procedures to keep their networks safe.

EBC Group provides robust cyber security awareness training, designed to train and educate employees at all levels of the dangers of poor security habits.  

Our training can be tailored to your unique security requirements, as well as covering key security issues such as risks, threats, mitigation and remediation.

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are re-training IT staff to tackle cloud security

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see careless or unaware employees as their biggest risk

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Training Solutions

The cyber security training your business needs to ensure staff are aware of the cyber risks your organisation faces and how to mitigate these:

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Features and benefits


Cyber security awareness will help meet compliance and regulatory demands required to ensure your critical and customer data remains secure.

Improved confidence

Empower your employees to feel more confident using modern technology because they know what to do and what not to do online.

Cost savings

Prevent the time and cost damage of a cyber attack, by training employees to sport breaches and damage sooner.


Customers will feel more confident in entrusting their personal information with a business that actively promotes cyber security.

Proactive practises

Training can increase your employee’s awareness of threats, making security something to prevent rather than recover from.

Cohesive security

Make the security cohesive across the your business by unifying employees in the same practices, strengthening your security.

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