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Cyber Security Testing

Better vulnerability discovery, faster reporting

Powerful Cyber Security testing tools to help you quickly identify and secure the vulnerabilities in your business.

Cyber security testing is the best way to fully ensure that your network is safe from external attacks. It enables you to identify the vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and make sure that they are resolved before cyber criminals can exploit them.

At EBC Group, we offer Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning to provide the most in-depth examination of your systems to ensure that all areas of risk are uncovered. Vulnerability Scanning uses software to detect and report potential vulnerabilities in your system, whilst Penetration Testing is a hands-on test carried out by a penetration tester who identifies and exploits weaknesses in your system in the same way a hacker would.

Our team of cyber security experts have a wealth of experience in network security and will find any weaknesses you have, investigate them and highlight which areas you need to improve in order of priority. Testing your systems regularly is essential to protecting your data, assets and the reputation of your business.

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Testing Solutions

The Cyber Security testing your business needs to ensure it is protected against cyber threats:

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Features and benefits

Reveal vulnerabilities

Reports inform you of security vulnerabilities, so you know where improvements can be made.

Show risks

Expert testers will try to exploit identified vulnerabilities, showing what a hacker would do in the real world.

Test capabilities

Test your security and response capabilities, feedback will tell you what actions need to be taken.


Ensure operations don’t suffer with regular tests- this should be considered as a continuity audit.


Industry and legal requirements may require a certain level of testing, which requires regular tests and security reviews.


Systematic security reviews and tests will affirm trust and confidence by customers, partners and suppliers.

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