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    [SOC] Security Operation Centre

    The SOC focuses on threat monitoring and incident qualification. This is made up of a team responsible for monitoring, threat detection, analysing, and responding to security incidents and threats in an organisations information technology (IT) infrastructure.

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    What can a Security Operation Centre (SOC) do to benefit your organisation?



    The SOC will monitor the organisations networks, systems, and applications for any potential security breaches.


    Incident Response

    When a security threat is identified, the SOC is responsible for responding promptly. A response from the SOC consists of investigating the incident, containing the damage it can cause and then mitigating the risk. The information learned from the risk will be used to stay updated on the latest security threats, vulnerabilities, and attack techniques. This knowledge is used to enhance detection capabilities and response strategies.


    Threat Detection

    The SOC identifies and flags any potential threats and vulnerabilities that are detected in the organisations infrastructure. This is carried out by using tools such as intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and security information and event management (SIEM).



    The SOC prepares reports and communicates all incidents, security trends, and any findings to the appropriate departments in order to help with decision-making and ensure that all appropriate actions are carried out.





    The SOC conducts an analysis of any security threats and incidents. It does this by examining the initial cause, the impact it’s made, and any potential risks associated with the incident. This analysis will then aid in improving the organisations security as well as providing new ways to develop new strategies throughout the infrastructure.

    Our Cyber Security Packages



    • Endpoint Protection
    • Annual Risk Assessment
    • Security Baselining
    • Firewall Review
    • Suspicious Email Rules / Forwarding Alerts



    • All features of the Basic package
    • DNS Web Filtering
    • Microsoft Secure Score Optimisation
    • Disk Encryption
    • 24/7 Managed Detection & Response + SOC

    Premium Plus


    • All features of the Basic and Premium packages
    • Risky User Sign in
    • Microsoft Secure Score Optimisation
    • 24/7 Managed SIEM Detection + SOC
    • 5 Hours of Managed Incident Response

    Why does your organisation need a Security Operation Centre (SOC) ?


    1. Helps to identify any security threats and vulnerabilities in real-time, ensuring that a prompt response is given to mitigate any risks. 

    2. Hunts and actively search for signs of threats or any suspicious activities that may otherwise slip under the radar of traditional security controls.

    3. Responds to any emerging threats before they have the chance to cause any significant damage to an organisation.

    4. When a security incident occurs, the SOC will investigate, collect any relevant evidence and identify the root cause of the incident. 

    5. Continuously monitors security events and alerts generated via various security tools. 

    6. Collaborates with teams within the organisation, such as IT, legal, human resources, and management, to ensure a response to the incident is both prompt and effective. 

    7. Helps to develop effective mitigation strategies, implement appropriate security awareness and aid in creating training for employees.

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