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What is a Managed Print Service?

You may well have heard the impressive stat that a Managed Print Service can save your business up to 30% off its printing costs, which is obviously a significant reduction in overheads and a saving that any business would desire, but how exactly is it achieved?

The print industry is often guilty of using buzzwords and terminology when describing a Managed Print Service, so in this guide we will attempt to explain the definition in straight-forward, plain English. 


And don’t worry, if you’re thinking I really want to learn how to make the saving but haven’t got time to read this whole blog, simply contact us and we can help you with the various options available and exactly how much money you can save.  

We are a gold partner of Xerox and Canon and have a full range of print devices available at competitive prices and also provide clients with a full managed print service with servicing on all products carried out via our team of qualified engineers.

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Managed Print Services Definition:

Managed Print Services cover all aspects of a company’s printing with the anticipated result of saving time and money. These savings are achieved by analysing an organisations printing requirements and providing them with more visibility and control of their printing at both the input (data/information going in) and output level (what is actually printed). This results in printing less and therefore reducing the amount of ink, paper and energy used.

The Managed Print Service includes the management of print devices such as printers, scanners, copiers and multifunctional devices as well as document management and workflow solutions to improve the company’s print environment.


How will I save money with a Managed Print Service?

Organisations can save significant revenue by taking a more strategic approach to their printing. These cost savings can be made in organisations of all sizes, from SMEs to large enterprises. An example of the cost savings that can be achieved within a large Public Sector organisation can be seen in our case study with Avon and Somerset Police who reduced their printing costs by £650,000 through adopting managed print service.

In simple terms a Managed Print Service will save money by helping a business to achieve the following:

Printing less:

  • Less ink toner used
  • Less paper used

Purchasing less:

  • Less print devices required (consolidate current fleet)
  • Less ink and paper purchased

Being more efficient:

  • Saving employees time
  • Saving energy costs