A better way?

So, you're in charge of looking after all of your company's IT and technology... I bet that can get pretty stressful?

Managing all of the different services through various suppliers can get complicated, not to mention expensive. Just when you're on top of everything, a new update or security scare needs to be prioritised.

When something breaks or needs updating you either need to pay for a repair or finance new equipment, meaning less budget for other IT projects, which can be particularly tough for small businesses with limited resources.

Having to contact a different provider for your IT, phone, internet, and printers is a hassle and time consuming. And when something goes wrong it all gets messy; ‘Supplier A’ blames ‘Supplier B’, who in turn blames ‘Supplier C’. Sound familiar...

Surely it could be more straight-forward... With a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is can be.

Do I need a managed service provider?

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Good news ahead...

Here's an idea... what if all your IT and technology services were managed by a single provider? 

As a Total Solutions Provider we can manage your IT Infrastructure both on-site or in the cloud and provide everything you need to run your business including Information Management, Connectivity and Telephony.

Everything is managed, maintained and supported by our own specialist team and securely hosted at our own UK data centres, which gives you immediate access 24/7 to your data, applications and systems.

Paid for monthly, it removes the need for the business to outlay significant sums of money upfront, often meaning shiny new equipment without a scary bill.

It all works together and is implemented, managed and supported by us. So it’s hassle free, saving you time and money. 

Top 50 UK MSPs 2018

Easy as... E.B.C.

So why should you choose EBC Group managed services? Your business will gain the simplicity and cost-saving of only needing to deal with one supplier.

Plus by managing all aspects of your companies IT and technology our tech team can start to really understand how your business works, meaning we can recommend new ways for you to innovate and improve.

Best of all because it’s all delivered as a service you will benefit from being able to pay monthly, with the ability to add or remove users as you need, whether you choose an onsite or hosted services.

As winner of UK Managed Service Provider of the Year as well as being ranked in the Top 50 UK MSPs for 2018, you can be sure that we know what we're doing and will keep your business running smoothly and securely.

Register for a free IT audit and one of our IT specialists will review your current setup and make some recommendations - whether that's improving systems, working more efficiently or saving some money.

EBC Managed Services

As a Total Solutions Provider we will plan, manage and support your IT Infrastructure either on-site or in the cloud. Find out more about our managed services which include Managed IT Services and Managed Print Services.

We will manage, monitor and support everything you need to run your business safely and securely. Some of the ongoing activity that your business will benefit from includes:

Remote Access

Remote Access

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) should have remote access to your network, meaning that they have immediate access and can react fast to any issues, especially during emergency situations. A critical and growing requirement of a MSP is to be able to offer adequate security for your network, which should include the use of 2-factor authentication. 



Monitoring means that a MSP doesn’t just fix something that has gone wrong, when they are made aware of it. The network should be constantly checked and the system managed to observe any changes that could potentially occur over time. A MSP should always be aware of the state of your system and able to prevent any future issues before they even occur. 

Patch Management

Patch Management

Patch management is a process of acquiring, testing, and installing multiple code changes, which are called patches, to administered IT networks and applications. A MSP will install and run all patches on their own network and only apply them on your systems once validated and fully tested. Keeping on top of patch management can be a time consuming but a vital part of staying cyber secure. 

Out of hours

Out of hours

Your MSP should be monitoring your systems at all times and if required should be available to you out of office hours. If you need something, they should be on-call for you and available for questions, concerns, or feedback.

See the difference...

We'll plan, implement and support your IT and technology...

while you concentrate on what you do best