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Managed Services make managing all your IT and technology easy

So, you’re in charge of looking after all of your company’s technology… I bet that can get pretty stressful? With a Managed Service Provider (MSP) the headache is taken away, let us plan, implement and support all of your IT and technology, whilst you concentrate on running your business.

Managing all your different IT and technology services through different suppliers can get complicated and expensive. Just when you’re on top of everything, a new update or security scare needs to be prioritised.

When something breaks or needs updating you either need to pay for a repair or finance new equipment. This means less budget for other projects and can be particularly tough for SME businesses who may have limited resources.

Having to contact a different supplier for your IT support, phone, cloud and printers, is a hassle and time consuming. And when something goes wrong it all gets messy; ‘Supplier A’ blames ‘Supplier B’, who in turn blames ‘Supplier C’. Sound familiar…

Surely it could be easier?

Good news, with EBC Group’s Managed Services it is; one simple monthly contract will cover you for everything you need.

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Recongised as a top 50 UK MSP by Cloudtango

Managed Services features and benefits

Easy as EBC

Gain the simplicity of one managed service provider for all your technology, meaning a single point of contact and a single monthly bill


By managing all aspects of your technology we will understand how your business works, meaning we can recommend new ways for you to innovate and improve

Monthly service

Because it’s delivered as a service you will benefit from being able to pay monthly, with the ability to simply add or remove users as you need

Total Solutions Provider

We can supply, implement and manage everything you need both on-site or in the cloud, including; IT Support, Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security, Telephony, Print and Data Management and much more

EBC Automate

EBC Automate provides your business with automated remote monitoring, patching and endpoint management, alongside our award-winning helpdesk support

Award winning

As winner of UK Managed Service Provider of the Year as well as being ranked as a Top 50 UK MSP you can be sure that we know what we’re doing

A Total Solutions MSP

We are a total solutions Managed Service Provider. This means that we can supply, implement, manage and support everything that your business needs both on-site or in the cloud at our UK data centres.

By managing all aspects of your technology and infrastructure, we’ll develop an in-depth understanding of how your business works. This will give us real insight and helps when it comes to recommending new ways to improve how your business works.

We’ll create a tailor-made, managed service package that fits with the requirements of your business. It will be planned and implemented by our in-house team, who will also be on hand to provide ongoing maintenance, development and support. We will ensure that everything works together and is fully supported to do the job it’s required to do. Our team are highly experienced MSP professionals who are continually developing and updating their skills.

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Simple Monthly Payment

Your whole package is paid for in one simple monthly payment. That means there’s no nasty surprises. Our services are provided to you as a straightforward contract, with clear SLAs. Your business will receive brand new equipment and solutions with no onerous upfront costs.

Hassle-free services that save you money from an award-winning company

Our managed services simplify what can be a stressful aspect of running a business, while saving you money. We’ve been established for over 30 years, and our success is built on delivering high-quality services to growing businesses. Over the years we’ve been honoured with a range of awards in recognition of how we go the extra mile for our clients.

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What is a managed service?

Sometimes people assume that a managed service is just another name for technology outsourcing.

The latter sometimes has negative connotations, with a basic level of services offered on the cheap, sometimes based in places where labour costs are significantly cheaper. That’s not the case with managed services.

A good managed service provider will take a much more holistic approach to your business. They will provide excellent technology services by offering superior operational support, and service enhancements. They’ll be pro-active with maintenance, spotting issues before they arise, helping to reduce the risk of costly downtime.

The top managed service providers will take care of the day-to-day running of systems and services, freeing up in-house personnel to take care of other business tasks.

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Finding the right Managed IT Service Provider

Not all managed IT service providers are the same. Some will offer basic telephony and cloud services, others won’t provide a wraparound call-out service if something goes wrong. Some will be reactive, responding when something goes wrong, others will take a more pro-active approach spotting potential difficulties before they arise.

At EBC Group we believe we offer an optimal, easy to understand, and comprehensive service. Get in touch

EBC Group offered a comprehensive IT solution and took time to understand our business needs, both for now and the future. In addition, the installation and support process has been excellent.

Julian Powell Business Manager , Hallmark Hulme

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