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IT Support for Law Firms

& Solicitors

We help lawyers work effectively and securely from anywhere

We offer a wide range of IT services for the legal sector, from IT support and connectivity, to IT infrastructure projects, and have received a number of IT industry awards, including Managed Service Provider of the Year and Cloud Project of the Year for our work.

Thursfields Solicitors are one of the legal firms that EBC Group provide IT services for, including IT Support.

Thursfields Solicitors are one of the legal firms that EBC Group provide IT services for.

Legal professionals need to access sensitive information and documents irrespective of time and place, and access to this information needs to be secure. Our cloud solutions mean that you can access whatever you need on-demand securely from any device with connection.

Our Clients in the Legal Sector

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What we can do for your Legal Firm

EBC Group offer a host of technology solutions that will help your legal firm conduct business in a faster and more cost-effective way whilst ensuring that your systems are secure, protected against any threats and fully backed up in case of any issues.

Legal firms deal with a large amount of highly sensitive and confidential data, which makes your practice a prime target for cyber criminals. We can provide the best in cyber security solutions to help prevent security breaches and cyber attack. 

With high volumes of data being handled on a daily basis, we can help you achieve and maintain compliance with government data security regulations, which can otherwise be challenging with continual changes taking place.

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"EBC Group offered a comprehensive IT solution and took time to understand our business needs, both for now and the future. In addition, the installation and support process has been excellent."

Mary Mocklow - Managing Director ,Talbots Law

All organisations experience IT issues at some point, which can affect your team’s ability to work. Having your solicitors unable to work because of IT issues is expensive for your law firm. That’s why our helpdesk will resolve your IT issues quickly and efficiently, meaning less downtime for your solicitors.

As most law firms operate from multiple locations, it can be difficult to coordinate operations across sites. Our Connectivity and Unified Communications solutions can help your colleagues communicate easily and effectively, by bringing your email, text and voice work together with live voice, audio, video conferencing, and web collaboration, in one easy-to-use interface.

We can do all of this whilst reducing your operational costs, alleviating the need to rely solely on an internal IT team. Good IT management can provide savings related to floor space, hardware and infrastructure, and allowing you to only pay for the services and usage you need.

Why is technology important for Law Firms?

Technology is important for law firms as it can help increase efficiency and productivity by streamlining manual processes, allowing you to perform routine tasks quickly and easily, using tools such as court document templates. Using legal software can help your firm build more effective processes and speed up everyday tasks, optimising workflow across the practice.   

In order to complete complex work efficiently, solicitors need to be able to interact quickly and easily with colleagues and clients. Unified communications solutions bring all of your communication sources together in one interface, enabling you to stay connected at all times.

Technology can also help your firm provide a better service to your clients. Client portals can be used to keep clients updated and notify them when information or forms are required. Furthermore, digital documents allow clients to complete forms and send them straight back to you.

How can IT solve challenges that Law Firms are facing?

IT can help solve some of the main challenges that law firms are currently facing. From a financial perspective, transitioning to a cloud-based infrastructure will significantly reduce your capital spend, freeing up funds and improving your practice’s operational agility. A modern cloud infrastructure will enhance your firm’s ability to bring in money and adapt to changes in the market quickly.

In terms of security threats, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent with cybercriminals constantly finding new ways to infiltrate organisations. This includes ransomware, phishing and denial of service attacks. Remote working has left law firms even more exposed to cyber attack. However, fortunately, cyber security is also advancing at a rapid rate in an effort to combat cyber crime. Technology such as firewalls, multifactor authentication and antivirus software, alongside penetration testing and cyber security training can help protect your systems and mitigate threats.

Regarding the legal employment market, there is a lot of competition when it comes to attracting the best talent. However, with the significant changes in ways of working over recent years, including remote and hybrid working, your firm can remain competitive by employing cloud and unified communication technologies which allow you to offer attractive agile working arrangements, which will meet the expectations of high calibre candidates.

How will technology change the future for solicitors?

Looking to the future, solicitors are likely to make greater use of agile working, remote working, artificial intelligence (AI) and document management solutions. 

  • Employing various types of technologies allows legal professionals to work from anywhere, meaning that law firms are able to widen their reach to attract the best candidates irrespective of their location.
  • Document management systems are enabling firms to go paperless and optimising workflows by receiving, tracking, managing and storing documents which can be directed to the appropriate person to work on then assigned to the next person in the workflow when completed.
  • AI, in particular Machine Learning, is becoming very useful within the legal profession, automating time-consuming manual tasks in areas of law such as patent law and property law, freeing up time for solicitors to focus on more complex tasks. 

Having typically been seen as a traditional profession, recently legal firms have been quick to embrace new technologies to improve efficiency and client services

Why work with EBC Group

Award winning IT services for the legal sector
Award winning IT services for the legal sector

We’ve been recognised at a number of IT industry awards, including Managed Service Provider of the Year and Cloud Project of the Year

Industry leading partnerships
Industry leading partnerships

Our partnerships with leading global IT innovators and manufacturers means we provide state-of-the-art solutions at cost-effective prices

Certified and experienced team
Certified and experienced team

Our team are trained and certified to the highest levels. Our accreditations include; ISO 27001, ISO 9001, Cyber Secure Plus and FCA accredited

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