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High bandwidth, low latency, uncontended, private and fixed capacity circuits

EBC Connect provides high bandwidth, low latency, uncontended, private and fixed capacity circuits delivered from EBC Group’s core network to a client’s site with or without internet connectivity.

Each service is protected by a fully managed 24/7 Service Level Agreement covering: service, performance, availability and time to fix. The service configurations available over EBC Connect comprise of: 

Internet access only: a single Ethernet connection between the end-user and the internet

Converged internet and cloud connectivity: where a single Ethernet connection provides both connectivity to the internet

Point-to-Point Leased Line Services: where a dedicated, private, fixed capacity circuit is delivered point to point between a clients’ nominated sites


Connectivity options

100Mbps Fibre

1Gbps Fibre

10Gbps Fibre

EFM (aggregated copper pairs)




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See your Connectivity costs

Connectivity Solutions

EBC Connect is available at 3 levels, enabling you to choose the best option for how you want to manage your connectivity

Provides your business with a high-speed unmanaged Point to Point (P2P) internet access, in which you manage your own hardware and monitoring.

You will receive a high speed internet connectivity offered in increments of 10 MBPS (up to 100MBPS) and increments of 100MBPS up to 1GBE (depending on location).

Your business takes on the responsibility of managing the installation of your on-site router and fault diagnostics, providing you with a high degree of flexibility at lower cost.

Features & Benefits:

- Flexibility to use and manage own hardware.
- Lower price than a fully managed service.

Our DIA+ service enables you re-route some of your connection capacity via a 2nd port into our data centres, this will enable you to access a range of EBC Group’s hosted services.

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