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Back-Up & Disaster Recovery Services

Your complete service for back-ups and disaster recovery


Good disaster recovery services (DRaaS) should ensure maximum security, accessibility, reliability and affordability of your data even in the case of significant disruption.


Our cloud recovery solutions offer a wealth of benefits ensuring your data is secure and backed up in our state-of-the-art UK data centre and recoverable within either seconds, minutes, hours or days.

What is DRaaS?

DRaaS stands for disaster recovery as a service and is a cloud computing model that gives businesses the option to back up all of their data and infrastructure to a third party. This third party will use managed cloud services to help organisations to recover their data in the event of failure and access their systems from any cloud connected device from anywhere.


Why choose EBC Group for your disaster recovery & back-up services?

Helping you plan for the unexpected, EBC Group provides the means and advice to devise a complete disaster recovery plan to recover your systems to a state in which they will support your business after a disaster.

Features and benefits

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Reduced Downtime

Disaster recovery dramatically reduces downtime for your employees with the warranty of restored systems, services and applications.

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Cost Saving

Reduce spending costs caused by downtime and data loss, including technical assistance expenditure through a single integrated disaster recovery solution.

Less Disruption

Preserve your business’s critical processes and applications, by minimising disruption and resuming operations quickly by having your data backed up onto the cloud.


Deployment is easy and doesn’t require investment in additional hardware or software, or a secondary site, and can be maintained without much training.


Cloud-based disaster recovery allows for frequent and non-disruptive testing of disaster recovery, strengthening your recovery efforts.

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Our cloud solutions offer consistent and simple disaster recovery management and support across your organisation, as well as being easily deployed.

Our Braas services back up your data to another device or location. It is important to consider how quickly your data is backed up to a secure location. This will enable you to recover all your files, software and functionality quickly, easily and without corruption in the event of a security breach or maintenance issue.

Back-Up Recovery solutions:

1. We provide you with 24/7 access to your data, downloadable directly via Veeam console to your required back-up location.

2. We copy the data onto a secure encrypted Network Storage Device. For larger amounts of data, we can deliver it to your site within a pre-agreed time frame.

3. Within a pre-agreed period, we provide a loan server with recovered data that can be booted at your site.


  • Flexible billing options based on the amount of back-up storage you require.
  • The flexibility to easily grow your data storage as your business requires.
  • Off-site Back-Ups are available 24/7 via local Veeam Console.
  • 24/7 local integrated access via your local Veeam Console.
  • Fully monitored 24/7 by EBC Group with automated client alerts.
See how technology can improve your business…

See how technology can improve your business…

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Invest in DRaaS?

There are a lot of great reasons to invest in DRaaS services for your business to do with efficiency and the costs to your business. Benefits of DRaaS solutions include:

  • Reduces downtime for businesses
  • Reduces costs for businesses on recovery action
  • Reduced cost in IT infrastructure
  • More secure
What is an Example of Disaster Recovery?

We have already helped to deliver disaster recover services to businesses to help mitigate them from disaster. See our example below on how we helped Mainstay.

IT and disaster recovery transform Mainstay

A future-proofed IT infrastructure, ensures Mainstay Group benefit from full Disaster Recovery and enterprise-class solutions.

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What is the Process of Disaster Recovery?

There is a simple process for how a third party organisation will implement disaster recovery services. See the process below:

  • A full risk assessment of your systems 
  • Identify critical systems, processes and data
  • Formulated recovery plan based on business needs
  • Transfer the data to the third party organisation
  • Testing 
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Find out what hosted telephony is and what the benefits are over on-premise telephone systems.

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