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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

EBC Group’s Hybrid Cloud Solutions provides your organisation with a blend of cloud and on-premises resources 

Our hybrid cloud solutions allow seamless movement of workloads and data between onsite, private, and public clouds, providing flexibility and options for data deployment.

Compliance requirements can be met by keeping certain data on-premise while transferring other resources to the cloud. Workplaces with limited physical space can be addressed through hybrid cloud as you have the freedom to choose from a range of solutions, being able to use any existing IT investments.

Hybrid cloud solutions can help your organisation by providing flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to optimise your IT infrastructure and seamlessly integrate your on-premises systems with public or private cloud services to meet your specific business needs.

Why choose EBC Group for your hybrid cloud solutions?

EBC Group offers tailored and secure hybrid cloud solutions that seamlessly integrates on-premises systems with public or private cloud services. Our certified experts provide ongoing support and exceptional customer service to optimise your IT capabilities, reduce costs, and improve business agility. We are a trusted & accredited managed service provider with a proven track record of delivering for businesses from across the UK.

Features and benefits of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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Combination of on-premise and cloud


On demand virtual servers and storage

24 7 Support

24/7 on site monitoring and support

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Built on leading Dell technology and supported by our team of specialists


Supported by our team of specialists


Ability to easily grow as you require

See how technology can improve your business…

See how technology can improve your business…

There is an ideal technology solution for your business, whatever your objectives. From a full-scale digital transformation project to simply saving money on your current IT setup.

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EBC Group’s primary data centre resides on one of the twenty UK BT core nodes, with direct low latency access in to BT’s 21CN network. EBC Group’s multiple data centres are inter-connected by diversely routed ultra-high-speed fibre connections for resiliency, scalability and performance. Multiple internet breakouts co-exist in each location for maximum performance and availability.

EBC Group Group’s primary data centre resides on the core node, meaning there are zero hops between EBC Group’s data centre and BT’s core network, which significantly reduces latency. Our data centres have the benefit of using multiple providers where the platform is agnostic and is determined by the provider’s compatibility.

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What are the different types of hybrid cloud?

The different types of hybrid cloud include on-premises to cloud, cloud to cloud, multicloud, legacy to cloud, and distributed cloud. All of which offer a range of options for integrating on-premises infrastructure with cloud services or combining multiple cloud services.

What are the benefits of a hybrid cloud solution?

The benefits of a hybrid cloud solution include flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, improved security, and increased business agility. Hybrid cloud solutions allow organisations to seamlessly integrate on-premises systems with public or private cloud services to meet their specific business needs while optimising their IT infrastructure.

What problems does a hybrid cloud solve?

A hybrid cloud example would be using on-premises servers alongside a public cloud service. The two environments are connected to each other, allowing for a seamless transfer of data and workloads between them.

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