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Networks and Server Solutions

A dependable on-site solution that’s right for your business

We will provide a full scope of your IT environment to evaluate your requirements and create you a flexible, cost-effective on-site network solution.

You decide how much responsibility you want us to take for managing your environment; configure, manage and maintain your on-site infrastructure. 


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Features and benefits

Peace of Mind
Peace of mind

Not only can it offer your business peace of mind, but it’s also a necessity for certain industries

Full access

You have full control of your server and sensitive data is located within your premises

Project Management

Full Project Management service available to guide you through the complexity

Shaking Hands
Global Partnerships

World-renowned partnerships offering you the best hardware products at competitive prices

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Cost effective

However, having a physical server on-site, equipped with high-performance architecture, could be a more cost-effective option

Private Cloud
Private Cloud

We offer a Private Cloud solution, where you can store your own hardware within our state-of-the-art data centres

The best solution made for your business

You’re probably aware that there has been a fundamental shift within the IT industry and many organisations have migrated their IT infrastructures to the cloud. However, for some businesses the cloud might not be the best option and on-premise solution could be more suitable for their needs and offer them more control and whilst being more cost effective.

EBC Group are partners with a range of global technology providers which means we are not only able to offer you the latest high-spec on-site hardware, but you will have access to our fully trained and accredited engineers.

Having been in the industry for over 30 years, we’ve seen thousands of on-site infrastructures, and while not every business is the same, we’re confident, with our experience we can evaluate and design a flexible, more cost-effective network solution that sits at your location and meets your organisational needs.

See how technology can improve your business…

See how technology can improve your business…

There is an ideal technology solution for your business, whatever your objectives. From a full-scale digital transformation project to simply saving money on your current IT setup.

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What to expect from an on-premise solution?

EBC Group can provide our expertise and buying power to help you every step of the way.

Managing an on-site network and server, along with the configuration, administration and maintenance required, can be confusing, time-consuming and expensive. That’s where EBC Group can provide our expertise and buying power.

We can design, implement and manage a single server, up to complex multi-server infrastructures to meet your business requirements.

We can offer your businesses a range of hardware from; server towers, racks or blades. Through our numerous partner accreditations, we can provide enterprise grade hardware solutions tailored to small and mid-sized organisations.

Don’t know where to start? We will carry out a full scope of your IT environment, create a detailed analysis and provide you with a full proposal you can be sure that we will assist you every step of the way to design a network to meet your requirements.

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