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Cyber Security

Protecting Against Internal and External Threats

Protecting your business

Fortified Defence for Finance & Law

Internally, strict cybersecurity measures and regular staff training combat risks like unauthorised access and human error.

Externally, tools like firewalls and encryption guard against cyber-attacks and breaches. 

A proactive security approach cultivates a robust digital environment, allowing firms to concentrate on premium client service.

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"We hold a lot of personal and confidential information about our clients, and businesses like ours are seen as a soft target to cyber criminals. EBC Group have provided us with a series of cyber security protection, meaning that our info and client data is much more secure and protected from cyber criminals."

Rebbeca Widdowson | Managing Partner, Hallmark Hulme
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Stay compliant

Compliance in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity isn't just a protective measure for the legal and finance sectors; it's crucial for compliance, especially with mandates like GDPR, FCA and SRA.

Ensuring compliance reflects a firm's commitment to data protection and helps avoid significant repercussions.

As a certified Cyber Essentials Plus entity, we guide businesses to full compliance, reinforcing trustworthiness and client reliability.

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Employee Cyber Training

Equipping employees in the legal and finance sectors with cyber awareness is crucial.

Regular training helps staff spot internal threats like phishing or unusual data activities. This proactive method reduces inadvertent breaches and fosters collective responsibility for safeguarding sensitive data.

A well-trained team acts swiftly against threats, enhancing overall security resilience.

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