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Who We Are


Technical Solutions for Legal & Financial Industries

Bridging the gap between Law, Finance and Technology

Our mission is to serve as a trusted IT parter for the legal and financial industries, delivering bespoke IT managed services with a key focus on security and compliance.

We understand the unique challenges and demands of the legal sector, and our commitment is to empower our clients with cutting edge IT solutions designed specifically to meet their business requirements. 

Optimising Legal & Financial Operations with IT

Streamlining Processes, Ensuring Compliance, and Elevating Efficiency

Managed IT solutions play a paramount role in helping the legal and financial industries streamline operations, enhance security, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations.

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Meet The Team


Richard Lane

CEO / Founder


Mike Cook

Chief Operating Officer

lee jordan

Lee Jordan

Chief Finance Officer

Empowering Excellence: Your Strategic Partner in Legal and Financial IT Solutions

We are not just an IT provider, we act as your strategic partner in achieving excellence in the legal and financial fields. Our mission is to empower your practice with tailored, reliable, and secure IT solutions so that you can focus on delivering the highest quality services to your clients.

Together, we aim to reshape the future of your indutry through technology, innovation and expert support.