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Wi-Fi Solutions

With the internet now relied upon by every business, Wi-Fi networks which have no physical wired connection between sender and receiver is the simplest way to get a business and its employees connected. However some companies who have invested in fast internet connections, sometimes via a leased line, rely on basic Wireless Access Points, which only provide consumer level Wi-Fi connectivity and security.

Who needs a Wi-Fi solution?

All types of companies can benefit from a business-grade Wi-Fi solution, from enterprise level through to small and medium businesses (SME). It is a solution which almost every sector and industry can benefit from within their organisation, whether they are simply looking for Wi-Fi for their employees to connect to or for Public Wi-Fi connectivity which they can offer to their customers. Below are examples of how business-grade Wi-Fi can benefit different types of business environments.


With manufacturing businesses often have different offices and workspaces that are spread over either the same location or different sites, a strong Wi-Fi signal can make a huge difference to the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently. For example Wi-Fi will enable workers to use internet enabled devices when they are in the warehouse which could be used for a range of activity from confirming Proof of Delivery (POD) to tracking and logging stock in the warehouse.


A Wi-Fi management portal provides your organisation with the ability to assign access levels to your Wi-Fi network for different devices or employees. For example you may want to restrict access to social media or video sites across your company but leave it open to departments such as marketing need it for their role. Guest portals will ensure the visitors to your business can still get online but are not able to access the organisations full network, which could leave your business open to hacking or cyber crime.

Hotel or Restaurant

Guests now expect to be able to connect to Wi-Fi during their hotel stay as a basic amenity. Relying on basic Wi-Fi connections means guests will struggle to logon at the same time. If you’re providing Wi-Fi to guests but are unable to restrict access you run the risk of having your bandwidth used up by power-hungry users streaming movies or downloading software updates. A business-grade Wi-Fi solution will enable you to collect data on your customers and re-market to them based on their habits, for example offering a guest that always visits on a certain day as an incentive to visit on an alternative day.

Stadium or conference

It’s possible to get high quality, fast Wi-Fi for all environments, whether it’s inside or outside. Stadiums and other large conference venues are notorious for offering visitors poor internet connectivity, with networks unable to offer sufficient capacity to cope with a large, concentrated volume of users in one place. For a stadium or conference facility there are a range of benefits to investing in Wi-Fi, which includes offering real-time promotions such as discounts on concessions or merchandise, customer acquisition and social media engagement.

Why EBC Group?

We are a gold partner to leading Wi-Fi provider Xirrus, which not only means we have access to a range of leading Wi-Fi products but and can offer expert advice to your business.

Our cloud-based network management software keeping your Wi-Fi network running smoothly is simple. With our broad experience and deep expertise in a wide variety of industries, EBC Group is the partner you can count on to transform your Wi-Fi network to meet the demands that come with the exploding use of mobile devices.

Our cloud based management software will provide your business with greater security and insight into your network and its users, offering a reliable and high performance product compared to inferior competitors.

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A range of Wi-Fi solutions

Our range of high performance wireless access points provide a flexible, high performance Wi-Fi solution to address a wide variety of applications including both indoor and outdoor environments that is suitable for both private and public use. Our team of experts can perform a full audit of your environment, recommending the right Wi-Fi solution as well as the correct positioning of your access points to ensure the optimal coverage area even over large areas.

However our service goes further than just installing your Wi-Fi products we offer a fully managed Wi-Fi as a service (WaaS) through our cloud management WaaS software. WiFi as a Service (WaaS) by EBC Group is a fully managed high-speed, solution deployed on our own network for fast and measureable performance. 

WaaS ensures the professional management of your Wi-Fi network which will give your business the correct level of security whilst also ensuring that you get the useful and meaningful data.

  • High speed, single or multi-site Wi-Fi access
  • Ability to provide separate guest access
  • Centralised management of all access points via cloud portal
  • Support and automated service monitoring
  • Providing reporting and complete visibility into usage
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Linked to our world-class cyber security
  • A tailored and flexible solution for any business size
  • Complemented by our comprehensive range of managed services

"EBC Group really are our central IT hub, all of our IT, servers and data are backed-up and stored with them, and they have also helped us put in a large Wi-Fi system. We have gone from being a complete IT illiterate company, to quite cutting edge from an IT perspective. EBC Group are our first choice and we have had a very good partnership and learning experience with them. We are looking forward to all of the clever things they come up with in the future."

Chris Akers, Managing Director Wheels Division at Titan Europe Plc

Business Grade Wi-Fi Section

Business Grade Wi-Fi

Don't settle for consumer level Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi solutions that are built for modern businesses

Don't settle for consumer level Wi-Fi 

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend means the number of smartphones and tablets that are used on organisations networks will continue to rise. This increased usage puts a strain on existing Wi-Fi networks. For businesses that are either late to Wi-Fi or looking to improve an old wireless infrastructure it is important to understand the differences between consumer and business level Wi-Fi solutions.

There's a big disparity between the cost of consumer access points (AP) with business-centric models from leading brands such as Xirrus. Often confused by what may appear to be similar specifications, businesses may opt for cheaper consumer-grade Wi-Fi APs that are not suitable for their business needs. If your business has invested in high-speed internet connectivity, which is then let down by poor Wi-Fi, then its wasting money.

Business-Grade Access Points

Consumer Wi-Fi is likely to be affected by issues such as, unreliability for 24/7 usage and overloaded when multiple devices try to connect to it. They also have a tendency to perform poorly when surrounded by interference from neighbouring Wi-Fi networks. Consumer APs typically lack advanced capability in critical areas such as security, manageability, load management and remote deployment and upgradability.

Business APs, on the other hand, are designed for solid performance even when in 24/7 operation and can cope with the workload generated from simultaneously activity from multiple Wi-Fi devices. A business-centric AP will incorporate as standard advanced features, crucial security, manageability, load management and remote deployment and upgradability capabilities.

Business Grade Wi-Fi
  • High performance Wi-Fi: faster and more reliable 
  • From office to auditoriums to outdoors 
  • Low cost of ownership with less equipment required
  • Up to 4x broader area coverage 
  • Cloud-based management and reporting
  • Secure and reliable performance
  • Adaptable and upgradable 

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Xirrus Wi-Fi Section

Xirrus Wi-Fi

The fastest Wi-Fi on the planet

A better Wi-Fi solution for your business, managed by EBC Group

Don't settle for consumer level Wi-Fi

As an Elite partner of Xirrus our solutions provide innovative Wi-Fi hardware and software solutions that uniquely solve the challenges of ever-growing, ever-evolving Wi-Fi network demands and means businesses no longer have to settle for consumer level Wi-Fi. 

The flexibility provided by Xirrus Wireless solutions ensures a long, 10-year product lifespan that is adaptive to your business requirements and protects your investment against inevitable increasing capacity demands.

Designed for scalable networks

The conventional method of deploying thin access points tied to central controllers has failed to meet the increased demands from of BYOD and mobile applications. 
Xirrus addresses these scaling challenges with its architectural innovations such as software programmable radios, a modular design to future proof the network and directional antennas for greater coverage and RF control.

Xirrus Wi-Fi

Xirrus at a glance

  • Unprecedented reliability and performance
  • Affordability with less cabling or equipment 
  • Flexibility to grow as Wi-Fi needs increase
  • Cloud-managed Wi-Fi 
  • Simple deployment and app control
  • Viable in almost every type of location

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Wi-Fi for all Environments Section

Wi-Fi for all Environments

Great Wi-Fi inside and out

Get the same great Wi-Fi outside as you would expect indoors

Great Wi-Fi inside and out

Our Xirrus outdoor Access Points (APs) are hardened for operation against all types of weather elements and gruelling environmental conditions, plus they are sealed to protect against moisture and contaminants. Based on the same flexible and scalable design as the indoor products, ensuring fast, reliable Wi-Fi service anywhere you deploy.



Even in remote outdoor locations, outdoor APs provide seamless Wi-Fi to service a range of applications, including guest or fan access, point-of-sale systems, video surveillance, industrial monitoring, Wi-Fi bridging, and more.


Delivering high performance Wi-Fi access with up to four radios for high device density scenarios and up to 1.3Gbps 802.11ac speeds to meet high capacity demands. TurboXpress provides the flexibility to set every radio to high performance 5GHz with the click of a mouse.


Including a comprehensive set of tools to manage users, devices, applications, and traffic with complete visibility. The ability to operate your network from the cloud or on-premise from a single console.


Xirrus Outdoor APs can withstand almost any environment, including extreme temperatures, rain, humidity, and dust as well as industrial or manufacturing environments, which ensures you get the same reliable Wi-Fi service outside as you would inside.


A range of model types, mounting choices, and antennas available, each with flexible deployment options Zero-touch provisioning ensures fast turn up of new installations.


A highly secure, single dashboard solution to administer and manage your wireless network access. Enabling you to simplify the process of connecting users with self-provisioned access for guests and easy on boarding of BYOD devices for employees.


  • Support for 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi
  • 2x the density of other outdoor solutions
  • Flexible coverage options using external antennas
  • Operates in extreme weather conditions
  • No central controller – each AP operates autonomously

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Public Wi-Fi Section

Public Wi-Fi

Achieve more through your public Wi-Fi network

Your customers are demanding fast, secure Wi-Fi

There are multiple benefits of public Wi-Fi, such as customer satisfaction (most expect to be able to connect to Wi-Fi for free) and data; providing crucial intelligence about customers such as; who they are and when and how often they visit. 

However there are challenges; in a recent study, 76% of respondents stated they think public Wi-Fi is not secure. Difficult access, such as being forced to register each time you connect and performance, the majority of public Wi-Fi networks fail to meet a customers expectation. 

Xirrus’ EasyPass Personal (EPP) fixes these challenges. Users access the network through a simple one-time configuration where they create an SSID and passcode, meaning every time you want to use it, all your devices will automatically connect. Your devices remain secure on a unique Wi-Fi network with their own subnet. That, in turn, secures the connection, and hides your devices from hackers. With an application control built into the network to ensure critical applications respond predictably, even when the network is congested and provide excellent performance.

We are Friendly Wi-Fi approved which means our firewalling solutions will keep your public Wi-Fi Friendly. By signing up you can display the logo at your premises or venue to let visitors and customers know that your Wi-Fi is safe.

Public Wi-Fi

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Cloud Managed (WaaS) Section

Cloud Managed (WaaS)

Additional value with cloud managed Wi-Fi

Analytics and control provide additional insight and control

Key Benefits:


Pay for only what you need, when you need it and expand only as required.


Get up and running quickly, there is no need to wait for telcos or cabled services.


Dedicated bandwidth to run multiple access points without performance degradation.


Manage your WiFi performance  and generate reports, track performance, monitor capacity and more. 


Manage guest access through the portal

What is WaaS?

Wi-Fi as a Service (WaaS) is a high speed Wi-Fi solution that is fully managed using a cloud based management system.

Our cloud managed solution via Xirrus called CommandCenter is a fast deployment solution, which enable us to manage your network. WaaS is perfect for small-to-medium businesses who want to access fast, reliable and secure networking performance without the need to install or manage cabled based connectivity.

WaaS by EBC Group

Managed Wi-Fi offers you more than a commodity-based connectivity service that is richly featured and highly reliable for a wide range of environments. We provide advanced solutions that can be deployed quickly, hosted and managed by us This gives you an additional layer of value through the availability of analytics, which will provide you with valuable insights into your staff or customer behaviours. It will also provide additional controls for your business, enabling you to restrict or limit certain activities.

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