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Why technology is only half the battle when tackling Cyber Crime

By Adam Flynn, Marketing Manager at EBC Group

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Posted 19 Mar 2017

Cyber security technology is vital to protecting your business against Cyber crime however it is only half the battle, getting staff skilled on up on Cyber crime prevention is just as important. Good security prevention should include people, processes and technology.

Whilst it’s vital to put in place the right technology to secure your business and its data, even the best technology in the world won't protect against the actions of an employee who, whether intentionally or through an innocent mistake which opens the door to an attack.

Think of it like having the best security on your building; sophisticated locks, CCTV and alarms but then a staff member leaves the front door wide open for a criminal to wander in.

A recent study highlighted that in 60% of cases when a business suffered a cyber-attack human error was to blame for the breach. General carelessness of staff, failure to get up to speed on new threats and general lack of expertise in the security space are some of the biggest problems holding workers back. The study revealed that some of these bad habits are easily preventable, such as:

  • 63% of employees use their work mobile device for personal activities.
  • 94% connect their laptops/mobiles to public Wi-Fi networks, with 69% of those handle work-related data while doing so.
  • 45% of employees receive no cyber security training at all from their employers.

It’s important for organisations to see Cyber Security as something which isn’t just something for their IT team or provider to manage; it should be something that the whole company is involved in. Organisations often avoid tackling Cyber Crime because it is seen as a complex technical issue, however sometimes it can be as straight-forward as a set of HR policies that ensure employees act in a certain way.

With Cyber Crime on the rise, it’s never been more important to give your employees adequate training on security measures and practices. Creating a culture of security awareness in the workplace can help keep risk to a minimum.

Many SMEs don’t know where to turn but there are a number of options open such as the government backed ‘Cyber Essentials’ programme. EBC Group have worked with a number of clients to improve their cyber security from both a technology and employee knowledge perspective - see how we helped solicitors Hallmark Hulme.

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