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Transform your MFD's with document capture

By Richard Wood, Pre-Sales Consultant at EBC Group

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Posted 24 Mar 2015

The modern office requires high quality scans of varying types of documents, fast processing and editable and searchable files as well as a broad diversity of scan destinations to fulfil daily tasks. To achieve this businesses are now demanding more than just the traditional multifunctional devices scanning and capture features such as Scan to Mail or Scan to File Location.

By incorporating Advanced Document Capture into this document management procedure provides greater control of documents and increases efficiency of employees. Documents can be processed from the multifunctional device by a powerful scan engine which utilises highly accurate OCR to extract information from a document, something that other scanning products do not provide. This allows the user to automatically pre-fill index information or to convert documents to formats such as Microsoft Word. In addition, other features such as high compression of scanned files, blank page and barcode recognition enables new and more efficient workflows to be integrated into daily document processing.

To expand Advanced Document Capture further, users can not only utilize the existing office infrastructure to scan documents directly from the office multifunctional device into the respective business processes, but they can also capture electronic documents from alternate sources such as email or a server based process. These EDI (Electronic data interchange) files can then be automatically processed in the same way scanned paper documents are.

Once captured and processed documents can be exported to a selection of destinations automatically. Businesses demand more than the standard destinations of Scan to Mail, File or Folder therefore Advanced Document Capture delivers the ability to scan documents directly to management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint® and OneDrive™, Google Drive™, Evernote®, Dropbox and numerous others, as highly compressed image files.

If you would like to understand the potential Advanced Document Capture efficiency and costs savings to your business then please contact Technical Consultant Richard Wood on 0121 585 4400 or richard.wood@ebcgroup.co.uk

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