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Tech predictions 2018

By Adam Flynn, Marketing Manager at EBC Group

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Posted 04 Jan 2018

2017 was an interesting year for technology, seeing the rise of cybersecurity, VR, AI and IOT. But what does 2018 have in store? Here are EBC Group’s top tech predictions. 


The Voice movement

2018 will continue to see the rise of voice communications, with Gartner predicting it will take over typing as the main input method by 2022.


All things Security

2017 was a tough year for cyber security, with attacks such as WannaCry creating global disruption, and 2018 isn’t about to get any easier. Experts warn that businesses must be ready to integrate cyber security into every aspect of their operations to keep up with the rapid development of cyber attacks. 


Machine Learning

While full AI may still be some years away, the capability to utilise advancements in both specialised AI and machine learning is something that is going to be far more widely available, especially through cloud services.

In particular, industry and manufacturing that will see increasing adoption in the coming year, resulting in improved quality and productivity. 


Cloud as default.

Cloud based management is set to soar thanks to its ongoing availability, scalable storage and security, and will become a standard component for SME’s. Businesses that want to simplify their operations and make it easier for customers to access services, will see a move toward integrating Software as a Service (SaaS). 


The decline of email

2018 is set to be the first year corporate email volume ceases to grow, and instead begins its steady decline as business communications become increasingly replaced by instant and more informal messaging platforms. 


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