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Success Story

Worlds Apart implement new backup and recovery solution

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Location: Cornwall
  • Employees: 63

The EBC Group support team actively manage our servers and data store ensuring problems are identified and rectified early.

Andy Butterworth Head of IT, Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

Children’s lifestyle manufacturer, Worlds Apart had implemented a virtual environment, however they soon realised that the restoration time of files and documents would be hard to meet, with increasing amounts of data being stored on limited servers. With no off-site backup, Worlds Apart were also at risk of losing all data, should they encounter a disaster.

Worlds Apart had already implemented a virtual environment solution, which had a basic back up and disaster recovery solution. However, it soon became apparent that the restoration time would be very hard to meet or in some cases achieve, due to the large amounts of increasing data stored on few servers.


  • Slow restoration time of documents and files, in light of a virtual disaster
  • No off-site backups


  • 100mb Leased line
  • Relocate disaster recovery to EBC Group
  • More efficient virtual environment


  • Quick and efficient restoration time
  • Restoration at the touch of a button, without the need to wait for hours, even days
  • Cost saving across IT infrastructure


After consulting with Worlds Apart regarding the existing infrastructure and Disaster Recovery capabilities EBC Group advised that we could provide an even more robust and efficient solution .

  • We suggested a 100Mb leased line between Worlds Apart and EBC Group, then using a Disaster Recovery Server located at the EBC Group Data Centre we could use Veeam backup and replication, as this would give exceptional benefits when invoking any disaster recovery service.
  • The most efficient approach to implementing the new solution was to install and configure the new backup and replication to a Disaster Recovery server that we located at the Worlds Apart office. Once the 100Mb link was installed ,we would then relocate the Disaster Recovery server to the EBC Group data centre.


After inviting EBC Group to conduct an in depth Disaster Recovery analysis, Worlds Apart have since received a 100mb private circuit, allowing Worlds Apart to have reliable off-site backup and an improved virtual environment.

  • Addressing Worlds Apart’s primary issue of improved backup and recovery time, now means that the restoration of vital data is both quick and efficient
  • Should worlds apart experience any unwanted downtime, retrieving important files and documents can now successfully be accessed at the touch of a button, without the need to wait for hours or even days for system restores.
  • Not only has Worlds Apart proofed themselves against potential disasters, but they have also effectively cut costs across their IT infrastructure
  • Implementing a structure and service that actively provides recovery and archiving during unexpected downtime or system errors, has in turn saved Worlds Apart both the time and costs invested in securing their data.

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