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Success Story

EBC Group introduce Managed Print service to Mainstay Group

  • Industry: Professional
  • Location: Worcestershire
  • Employees: 729

The implementation of the devices has been so easy. Our staff were supported by the EBC Group team all through the roll out and their engineers and account manager provide on-going support to ensure that our staff are happy with the new technology.

Phil johns Manager , Mainstay Group

Mainstay Group

With an expanding organisation, Mainstay Residential Ltd were struggling to maintain an outdated fleet of desktop printers. As demand grew, so did the time and energy needed to maintain the machines. Essential time was being wasted on menial printing tasks, leaving Mainstay in desperate need of a solution that would make significant changes and savings.

When EBC Group were first approached by Phil Johns of Mainstay Residential Ltd, he had been assigned the task of addressing their current print fleet and the overall cost of running this. His aim was to produce a report that would primarily identify a strategy to reduce their overall printing costs. As a rapidly expanding company, Mainstay began to feel the strain as print volume increased each month, as well as the time spent to keep abreast of essential maintenance tasks.

 In addition to this, the increasing cost of toner and ink led mainstay to actively seek a print management solution that would reduce costs, whilst alleviating the time spent on menial printing jobs.


  • Expensive desktop printers
  • Limited access to copy, scan and fax functions
  • Continuous maintenance of print facilities


  • Replaced desktop printers with multi-functional devices
  • Introduced complete managed print service


  • Significant savings
  • No longer dealing with menial printing tasks
  • Efficient access to print, copy, scan and fax


Where as other companies were only interested in replacing the existing machines, EBC Group proposed a solution that not only focused on the products, but on the continuing business needs of Mainstay.

  • EBC Group provided a complete assessment of Mainstays print usage, meeting with staff at all levels to establish a real understanding of the print volume each department demanded.
  • EBC Group suggested a solution that would consolidate all of their costly desktop printers to centralised multi-functional devices that would accommodate copy, scan and fax functions.


Having introduced a Managed Print Service, Mainstay now has a new fleet of multi-functional devices that are maintained and supported remotely by EBC Group, saving Mainstay valuable time and money.

  • The new devices allowed employees to not only print, but to also copy, scan and fax, without having to wait or queue to access the select machines with these capabilities.
  • Multi-functional devices are now remotely monitored, allowing EBC Group to identify when toner levels are low, collect the meter readings remotely and see machine faults.
  • Since introducing Mainstay’s multi-functional devices, EBC Group are now set to introduce the 2nd and 3rd phase of their print solution. Introducing further technology to control their usage, each Mainstay employee will be issued with a proximity card that will budget their usage, assigning costs to individual departments and even back to clients.

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