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Success Story

Jupiter Group benefit from information management solution

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Location: Global
  • Employees: 77

One of the best things about working with EBC Group is the fact that they bring products to us that will enhance what we’re doing as a business. We only work with them as our IT provider-they have helped us move forward to achieving our goal of becoming the number 1 IT company in fresh produce.

Mark Tweddle Managing Director , Jupiter Group

Jupiter Group

Established in 2003, Jupiter Group is a grower, importer, exporter, packer and processor of fruits from all over the world. Its headquarters in Shropshire, United Kingdom, are home to over 100 members of staff and there are further operations worldwide in locations such as South Africa, Chile, India, Argentina and Central Europe.

Having previously worked with Jupiter Group on a number of IT projects, EBC Group recommended a solution that would address their existing issues with the way information was managed across the business. 

As a company, they were still using traditional network shares to store business data. They had identified that there was a lot of duplicate, redundant and archive data stored on their network, making their document processes inefficient, as well a highlighting potential security issues. 

They had also identified that there was a lot of physical documents being moved around the business, and as a result a lot of office space was being used to store these documents. Jupiter required a solution that could connect multiple business systems with key documentation across the business ensuring that users could access all the information they needed from one place, as well as improve how documents were shared.


  • Traditional network shares used to store documents
  • Company storing a lot of duplicate, redundant and archive data
  • Physical documents requiring a lot of office space


  •  M-Files information management solution recommended
  • Solution integrated with sage X3 to ensure all information is in one place
  • Solution designed to meet unique document needs of business


  • All documentation stored in one secure & auditable system
  • Workflows to streamline information and ensure compliance & security
  • M-Files HR ensures employee data complies with GDPR


EBC Group ran a number of workshop sessions, with the first designed to engage with the management team to gain an understanding of how their business worked.

  • This was followed by a session which worked with users from each department to understand departmental processes and the documentation that was being created.
  • EBC Group recommended M-Files information management solution, which offered the functionality required to meet their needs, as well the ability to further expand the benefits to other areas of the business.
  • EBC Group’s technical team began by designing a solution alongside Jupiter Group to store the business documents, streamline business processes through workflows and provide a secure way to share documents with clients and suppliers.


After the successful implementation of M-Files, Jupiter Group now have all documentation stored in a secure and auditable system.

  • Employees benefit from automated task reminders created by management, which allow
  • EBC Group integrated the M-Files solution with the existing Sage X3 application, which means all sales orders and purchase invoices are linked to the related documents and information
  • Jupiter Group have also implemented M-Files for HR, giving them a dedicated solution to manage HR Documentation and processes which ensures that employee data complies to the new GDPR regulations
  • M-Files mobile app gives means employees can access information, submit expense claims, complete tasks or approve documents without having to wait until they are back in the office.

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