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Success Story

EBC Group improves workflows and compliance with new information management systems

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Location: Lincolnshire
  • Employees: 80

The M-Files solution provided has enabled us to better manage documentation throughout its lifecycle whist ensuring our projects and regulatory requirements are met. Our staff have found M-Files easy to use and as a business that is growing, the fact we have a system that saves time whilst ensuring all aspects of a project are easily managed in one place has been invaluable.

Lucy Hibbert General Manager, Harlaxton Engineering Services

Harlaxton Engineering Services

Harlaxton Engineering Services are specialists in multi utility supply, providing a comprehensive range of services that cover every aspect of design, supply, construction, connections, servicing and maintenance. The business had previously been struggling with a dated file and folder system, which was failing to keep pace with regulatory and internal procedures. Harlaxton required a solution that would centralise and secure their documents and data, connecting to existing systems whilst providing a new and efficient storage and information management system.

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Harlaxton Engineering Services Ltd were looking for a solution that could improve the storage of their project documentation and workflows. They required a solution that would centralise the storage of documents, whilst remaining secure and connected to other systems.

Harlaxton had identified that the way their information was being managed was not efficient, with an outdated file and folder system causing a number of issues that included: files being deleted or moved, company data potentially being copied and projects relying heavily on users to complete tasks at their own pace.

For a business that adhered to strict regulatory compliance and internal procedures, such as ISO quality management and Lloyds register accreditations, Harlaxton found that documents were often being misfiled and left very little traceability, which proved problematic when they required to audit and report on data.


  • Previously using outdated file and folder system
  • Management of ISO and compliance documents proved challenging
  • No traceability of files which were easily deleted, moved or copied


  • Installation of M-Files EIM solution
  • M-Files integrated with the existing Sage 200 application
  • M-Files Reporting for documents, projects and workflows


  • All projects and documents stored in secure system
  • All information available from one location with project workflows
  • Insightful reporting on all documents and projects


Starting with a number of on-site visits, EBC Group engaged with Harlaxton to gain an understanding of how their business operated.

  • A review was conducted of all the business processes and what documentation was being produced on a daily basis.
  • EBC Group proposed the M-Files Information Management solution as this offered the required functionality to solve the needs of the business.
  • EBC Group then began designing a solution alongside the team at Harlaxton to streamline the business processes through M-Files workflows to ensure that all projects and documentation were stored within M-Files, and the information was accessible to staff at any time.


After the successful implementation of M-Files, Harlaxton have all projects and documentation stored in a secure and auditable system.

  • EBC Group integrated the M-Files solution with the existing Sage 200 application to ensure all information was accessible from one place.
  • Version controlled documents ensure all changes are recorded, tracked and auditable.
  • Project workflows have been implemented to streamline project management and ensure compliance to regulatory requirements.
  • Harlaxton have also implemented M-Files Reporting, allowing them to get insightful data related to documents, projects and workflows.

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