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Success Story

Cotsowld Inns & Hotels benefit from in-house print suite

  • Industry: Leisure
  • Location: Cotswold, UK
  • Employees: 403

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending EBC Group to our industry or any other industry for the solutions they provided- we couldn’t think about having to go back and outsource everything. Definitely our supplier of choice.

Nadine Linnington Sales & Marketing Director , Cotswold Inns & Hotels

Cotswold Inns & Hotels

Cotswold Inns & Hotels are a group of 9 upmarket hotels that offer guests a luxurious and bespoke experience. Each hotel is uniquely designed and branded, with all marketing materials such as brochures, menus, invites and stationary designed to fit accordingly.

When EBC Group first met with Cotswold Inns & Hotels they were outsourcing all of their print, which came with a number of financial and operational issues. As a high-end group of hotels, they required a large number of marketing and promotional materials such as brochures, menus, invites and stationary, that were produced in-line with each hotel’s unique design and branding. 

These demands not only made the overall cost of outsourcing to a 3rd party expensive, but also allowed for little flexibility in both design and turnaround. Slow reaction times made it difficult to make quick changes, print jobs were often over run and wasteful, and a lack of control over time-scales made the production of small print runs challenging.


  • Outsourcing all of their printing to expensive 3rd party providers
  • Lack of control over timescales
  • Inflexible process made it difficult to make quick changes to designs or create short print runs


  • Brand new print suite that is managed by in house team
  • High functioning print devices that provide a range of marketing materials
  • Consultation and insight into print process


  •  High quality print materials and range of formats
  • Quick turnaround of print jobs and personalised marketing and promotional materials
  • Significant return on investment


Cotswold Inns were looking to source a partner that would understand their unique requirements and could advise and recommend the best solution for their business.

  • EBC Group were able to advise on how much they were spending on their print, as well highlight the areas that could be made more efficient.
  • Advised on how printing in house would benefit their business, providing a simple comparison of how much Cotswold Inns were currently paying, and what the cost would be per finished document.
  • Removed any concerns about the integration of the new print devices in to the existing process, providing ongoing support to the Cotswold Inns marketing team who now manage their own in-house print suite.


Bringing all of their print solutions in-house has quickly seen a return in investment for Cotswold inns, with operational and wastage costs now significantly lower.

  • Now able to produce high quality print materials, in a full range of different formats, with greater flexibility to easily make changes and produce short print-runs
  • In-house print suite allows for a quick turnaround time, with marketing material now created and printed on the same day.
  • Campaigns and promotions are now more dynamic and targeted, and marketing materials are now easily personalised and distributed.
  • High quality print environment, managed by their in-house team and supported by EBC Group.

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