EBC Group worked with Richardsons LLP to help centralise their files and documents. The M-Files solution was implemented and increased their productivity whilst also reducing costs.

  • The Challenge
  • The Approach
  • The Solution
  • Feedback

The Challenge

When we were first introduced to Richardsons LLP, we found that their current filing system was both aged and outdated, with some files and documents still being stored in cabinets and in paper format. These were not only inconvenient, but also wasted valuable onsite space.

Not only this, but the digital files that did exist were being saved by individual users, creating mass duplications and making it difficult to track and locate certain documents.

Richardsons LLP were looking for a central filing and archiving system that enabled internal and remote staff to access the same files across a wide area network.

With records being stored on various platforms, it was imperative that Richardsons LLP brought together all files and documents on to one single platform that was convenient and accessible to all.

The Approach

Many prospective suppliers were considered during the selection process, however most of those wanted to provide a straight document management. EBC Group offered Richardsons LLP, a bespoke archiving system that would adapt to their unique needs, not the other way round.

With the help and support of EBC Group, Richardsons LLP selected the M-Files’ s document software, which offered the most flexible and cost effective solution. This then underwent a comprehensive procurement exercise that covered quality, past history, current users and past recommendations.

Once Richardsons LLP were completely satisfied with their M-Files solution, EBC Group then began an in depth analysis of their current data storage by making a number of onsite visits, and really getting an understanding of Richardsons LLP motivation and need for a new filing system.

EBC Group then began to design, from scratch, Richardsons LLP’S very own archiving service, better known as ‘M-Files’. This was uniquely matched to Richardsons LLP requirements, adhering to their need to store documents electronically and for this to be made accessible to all employees.

The Solution

After the successful implementation of the M-Files solution, Richardsons LLP can now scan and import those problematic paper documents straight from the photocopier and into the M-Files storage solution; saving them valuable space that would have otherwise been taken over with dated filing cabinets.

Thanks to M-Files convenient web interface, remote users can now access the same information as those office based employees. Easily accessing files and documents, each employee is now able to search for data instantaneously without the need to tediously search through various archives.

Increasing productivity, M-Files has allowed colleagues to stay continuously connected with their documents; letting them share and collaborate files efficiently and securely.

In addition to this, Richardsons have now future proofed their documents and document security, as new features are available through simple updates, as opposed to the costly and expanding hardware they would have required before.

Centralising Richardsons' files and documents to increase productivity and reduce costs