Due to COVID-19 for the majority of SMEs remote working has become the new normal for their employees. This current crisis has left many unprepared for so many staff to be working remotely on a long-term basis.

Our business continuity plan ensured that our team was prepared to work remotely in the event of crisis or disaster and we have a fully functioning team ready to support our clients.

This means we can support you with any short-term solutions you may need, plus look into longer term solutions.


Business with no limitations

Business with no limitations - Remote IT solutions that meet the challenges of a modern workforce.

EBC Group provides remote working solutions that give your employees the ability to work any time, from any location, with access to systems and applications from a multitude of devices, including tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Our range of remote working solutions will ensure your employees can perform their usual day-to-day tasks without the tie of being in the office, including access to all relevant data and applications with the same levels of security and compliance.

Our team of highly trained technical specialists will identify your remote working demands, helping to plan, implement and support your remote working solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services that includes, communications, data management and IT support. 



Increase productivity of your workforce, with home and remote working capabilities, helping staff access business systems from any time and any location

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Reduce the costs of office overheads, including utility bills and maintenance, freeing up space and reducing carbon footprint

Time saving

Time saving

Employees can save time commuting back and forth from the office, using that time much more valuably to complete tasks and close business



Communicate and collaborate with colleagues and clients with a host of remote comms tools such as Microsoft Teams which includes audio and video conferencing, messaging, email and file share


"Thank goodness we took EBC Group's advice last year and changed over to thin clients and the cloud. Wow, where would we be now if we hadn’t!

A big thank you to the team, we really appreciate all of their support."


Samantha Gould, Accounts Manager at Edwards Insurance Brokers

Remote Working Solutions


Cloud computing increases security and gives users access to a remote virtual work environment so they can access all the same systems, applications and data, that they could when they are in the office.


Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is the perfect tool for home workers that enables them to simply communicate, collaborate and share with other members of their teams wherever they are located. Features include Chat, File Sharing, team meetings via audio and video.

Unified Communications:

Unified Communication brings together your email, text and voice with live voice, audio, video conferencing, and web collaboration, in one interface. Simply install an App on your mobile device for it to become a full-value extension of your phone system

Documents and Printing:

In some industries where physical documents are required having access to cloud-ready mobile printers that allow users to download, share, print, scan, distribute and even translate documents on the go from anywhere, via any device.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of security to make ensure that those trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are, by entering their username and a password, and providing another piece of information.