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Public Sector

With public sector organisations often juggling numerous departments that are spread across large sites or multiple locations, keeping a continuous and efficient workflow is vital. Many organisations however, still find their workflows costly and divided, with many departments still locating their own resources.

Keeping costs minimal, EBC Groups managed services are designed to provide maximum efficiency across your business environment. Keeping a streamlined service at all times, our solutions will ensure a high level of continuity between your offices, making the access and retrieval of information quick and convenient.

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"The work done by your IT technicians has been brilliant, their attitude and attention to detail have been excellent and it has been a pleasure to work with them. "

Steve Kesterton, ICT & MIS Manager at BCHG

Reduce Print Costs Section

Reduce Print Costs

Save time and money

With numerous sectors, departments and office environments to manage, maintaining continuity and control in your print environments will save both money and time.

With numerous offices, work stations and print environments in public sector organisations, keeping on top of both expenditure and waste can often prove to be a very difficult task. 

Introducing multifunctional devices from EBC Group will both streamline and actively improve the productivity of an organisations workflow.

The advanced technology will make significant savings by consolidating numerous machines into a single device that is capable of hosting additional software to help improve both efficiency and carbon footprint.

EBC Group’s Equitrac software solution will help increase visibility of any print fleet, accurately detailing individual print use of each user. 

For large organisations with numerous departments and employees, taking control of print use can dramatically decrease the amount of money wasted through toner, maintenance and paper, helping educate employees in cost effective print.

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Document Storage Section

Document Storage

Documents available on demand

Being able to share and collaborate documents is essential for maintaining a continuous workflow, now you can retrieve and work on your documents instantaneously.

Public organisations, such as council, government and service providing bodies stack up an increasing amount of documents and files each day. Trying to manage important mail, project data and financial files can be extremely difficult with such large work forces, spread across numerous offices, in numerous locations. 

Keeping these documents in an efficient and productive storage system is often a real challenge, with many documents scattered on various hard drives, or even in paper format.

Trying to share or even find these documents takes considerable lengths of time, with employees searching through endless windows folders, or even having to physically post files making the entire process costly and inefficient. 

With employees often needing access to the same documents, centralising all data is imperative for keeping a continuous workflow that is uninterrupted by misfiled, or unattainable documents.

EBC Groups M-Files Document Management solution is ideal for public sector offices of all sizes, by simply improving the way they organise, manage and track business documents and processes, without changing the way they work. 

Its dynamic search tool finds documents and files instantaneously, with its centralised system accessed via all employees at all levels. 

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Connect Offices Section

Connect Offices

Never lose connection

With staff and departments often working together on projects and budgets, staying connected is imperative. Now you can have share and collaborate without any unwanted downtime.

Ensuring that public sector organisations stay connected at all times is integral for keeping a continuous workflow for employees. 

With growing pressure to deliver more services, more efficiently, being able to connect on demand is vital for keeping up with an increasing virtual environment.

With various offices located on large sites, or scattered remotely, being able to connect to these efficiently is vital for employees who wish to share or collaborate on work projects. 

Whether you are looking to simply increase bandwidth to a single site, or link several offices, EBC Group can provide fantastic leased line solutions for your organisation.

As a devoted line, you can be assured that your internet access is never shared allowing you carry out your daily business routines as normal. 

Offering 100% availability, unlike traditional broadband, an EBC Leased line will ensure that employees are able to upload and download documents instantaneously, whilst also providing fantastic flexibility to adapt your bandwidth. 

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