Private Cloud

More and more businesses are experiencing the benefits of the private cloud. With private cloud services, access to the cloud is given to specifically chosen users as opposed to the general public. Other names for the private cloud include the ‘corporate cloud’ and the internal cloud. When you opt for private cloud services, you can benefit from features like scalability and self-service but can also take advantage of various extra customisation features. 

Types of Private Cloud

Another key benefit of using private cloud is that it delivers a more robust level of security, with privacy also being enhanced. Opting for private cloud services is ideal for those who wish to shield their data from third-party providers. There are two private cloud models available to you. The first of these is IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service. These enable your company to benefit from features like network and storage as a service. With PaaS or Platform as a Service, a wider range of features is available and these include sophisticated enterprise applications. It’s also possible to fuse a private cloud together with a public cloud in order to deliver a hybrid cloud and clear extra space. Computing services can also be scaled to the public cloud when demands rise. 

Needs Addressed by Private Cloud

There are many reasons why companies and organisations are reluctant to embrace the cloud. Many still have substantial worries about data and personally identifiable information. It’s not uncommon for companies to express concerns about compliance, now that rules on how data is accessed and stored are becoming stricter. Many companies are also seeking solutions that don’t require them to share networks with others. When you do share a network with a so-called ‘noisy neighbour’, the performance of your resources can be compromised, which is why it does make so much sense to seek out private cloud solutions. 

Be more compliant

Private cloud services enable you to enhance security standards, offering fully dedicated storage, and computer and network resources in isolated environments. They can help you meet your compliance obligations by ensuring data remains private and protected whilst delivering greater control over how your cloud resources are delivered. At EBC Group, we can take a close look at your operations, workloads and applications to help you find the best cloud environment for each of your needs. 


Firewall protection

When you use the private cloud, your services will be provided from behind a firewall. You’ll be able to enjoy centralisation and virtualisation without the risks that come with using a public cloud. What’s more is that you won’t have to miss out on efficiency or scalability when you switch from the public to private cloud. The popularity of the private cloud looks set to grow and grow in the coming years.