Why use M-Files and not sharepoint?

28 February 2015, 10:08 GMT
By Louisa Turley

When I discuss M-Files with companies I am often asked “why not just use SharePoint?” my answer to them is simply to show them the easy-to-use, feature-rich user interface of M-Files.

I also show how M-Files can be used to manage specific needs such as Finance documents with invoice workflows, HR documents with employee training requirements and Quality documents with version control among many other use cases; all with the same product.

Once I have done this I show them how easy it is for the IT administrator to both support users and make changes – changes that would take a long time in SharePoint take seconds within M-Files.

M-Files office scene

Once you combine the fact that M-Files requires far less IT infrastructure than SharePoint, the question soon becomes “so why would you want to use SharePoint?”

For most business who are looking to Implement SharePoint the process can be very time consuming and costly, all to achieve the same result that M-Files gives out of the box with a small amount of configuration.

Here are a few of the features to expect from an M-Files installation:

  • Easy to implement
  • On-premise, cloud, or hybrid location
  • File Versioning, history  and easy roll-back
  • File sharing
  • Mobile and offline access
  • Workflow
  • Easy to configure permissions
  • File scanning and capture
  • eSigning & Compliance possibilities

Let’s face it: SharePoint is not the nicest experience for a user, and a study by Forrester Research* found that 54% of the respondents are not seeing the user adoption levels expected and – even worse than that – 41%  are not seeing business value of SharePoint.

On the other hand M-Files is very easy to use and boasts a 98% user adoption rate**. This is because M-Files feels familiar to users and, with integration to Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook and Word, it is even easier for the users to file and retrieve information.

So, if you are looking for a solution to manage all forms of content within your business then take a look at M-Files: it will exceed your expectations.

* Forrester Research, August 2012 – Global SharePoint Usage Online Survey
** M-Files end-user survey

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