Why a Leased Line is Worth Every Penny

10 June 2018, 02:48 BST
By Adam Flynn

At first glance a leased line may seem more expensive than the average business broadband offering but when the true benefits are seen, it’s clear that it’s worth every penny.

The real value of a leased line is both the dedicated speeds you’ll receive as well as the security and guaranteed performance.

Man holding network

A leased line refers to a dedicated connection that allows an organisation to have a dedicated download/upload speed without any slow-down. With a leased line you don’t get the notorious busy periods, that frustrating few hours which can make your downloads take hours not minutes and your web-browsing slow and sluggish.

Lease line connectivity can vastly improve the way a business works, making the whole organisation run more efficiently and becomes a major benefit to businesses that have multiple offices. A great example of how a leased line can benefit a multiple office environment is by centralising the organisations connectivity, enabling them to share documents and view the same data no matter what office they’re located in


Installing a lease line and receiving reliable dedicated high-speed internet enables businesses to take advantage of cloud computing solutions such as backup and disaster recovery. Centralisng all your servers off site at a data center will reduce IT costs, save room and money on running servers and air-conditioning systems. Everything is backed up as you work so no more purchasing of servers, no more inconsistency and no more backing up. All of which gives you more time to concentrate on what’s important to your business safe in the knowledge that your data is in safe hands.

At EBC Group, as well as being able to provide you with an affordable lease line, we offer the flexibility to change your speeds through out the contract. We also offer you the option at any time to have your data hosted at our data centres, have VOIP telephones across your fast connection, and the option to have disaster recovery and a suite of other IT services.

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