What is VoIP?

31 January 2018, 09:47 GMT
By EBC Group

VoIP telephone offer significant benefits over traditional telephony systems, offering greater cost and flexibility.

Voice over IP providers

With even the smallest business making hundreds of phone calls each week, finding a package or technology such as VoIP or cloud telephony that offers excellent reliability and value for money is essential. EBC Group can help you consolidate your lines and calls, making considerable savings, and will ensure your business has the best possible package for your needs. We offer onsite and hosted telephony (also known as internet telephony), private leased lines, business grade W-Fi solutions and unified communication solutions that allow you to enhance productivity and save money.

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VoIP is used with application software (such as Skype), IP-enabled PBX hardware, or a hosted service. SIP is a communications protocol that is increasingly used for VoIP because of its ability to handle data and voice together. ISDN (Integrated Services for Digital Network), on the other hand, is an older communication standard, which was also used for the transmission of voice and data signals over a traditional phone network.

What is SIP?

What is SIP? SIP trunking is a direct connection between a business or organisation and an internet telephony service provider. SIP trunks are responsible for moving packets of information back and forth across a network over an IP-based digital line, rather than over a physical network as required by ISDN.

VoIP systems based on SIP are compatible with mobile phone, telephony and video conferencing services, and offer many other features that can streamline business processes, encourage collaboration, and accelerate business growth. However, it is important that your SIP trunking provider should be able to ensure the security, quality and reliability of your VoIP service.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

SIP is an application layer protocol that sets the rules for how two points in a network are able to set up, manage and terminate a connection. Each of these protocols is designed to allow different digital devices to communicate with each other.

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Get Connected

Because it is based on something you already pay for, namely your internet connection, making VoIP-to-VoIP calls are significantly reduced or sometimes free. This can be helpful for businesses looking to make free calls to sister sites or branches across the country or even across the world. Because of its ability to handle voice, data and video calls, VoIP with SIP trunking can allow you to benefit from features that were expensive in traditional telephony such as voicemail sent to email and call diverts. You can also make savings when you use our cloud telephony to call local or national landline phones and mobiles.

To realise the full power of VoIP and cloud computing, your business requires a high-speed, reliable internet connection. We can provide a range of connectivity options, including a private leased line that offers an uncontended connection, with speeds up to 10Gb, alongside industry leading SLA latency targets and response times. Your business shouldn’t rely on consumer grade Wi-Fi. Our solutions ensure that you get maximum internet speeds.

Hosted VoIP solutions

Our hosted VoIP packages rely on our privately-owned, secure dual-data centres, meaning you don’t need to buy your own software or servers, and you will only pay for what you need when you need it.

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VoIP Benefits:

Remote Working

Remote workers can have their desk calls forwarded to their smartphones or PCs for no extra charge. In an emergency, you can re-route calls to a different location. In addition, SIP lines are quicker to install (minutes, as opposed to weeks for ISDN lines) and they offer a robust and continuous service when they are based on high bandwidth connections. 


VoIP calls using SIP trunks are cheaper and more flexible than ISDN lines in terms of the phone numbers you can have and the locations in which you can use them. Because these types of calls are made on ‘virtual’ rather than physical phone lines you can add, remove or redirect lines at will. SIP is better able to handle video data, so there is greater transferability for video-enabled handsets.

Cost Saving

In terms of cost, VoIP telephony on SIP trunks is cheaper overall than ISDN because IP connections have lower rental costs. It is possible to get cheap or free UK landline calls using SIP trunking, as well as cheap mobile call costs, discounted international calls, and free calls within a company’s network. SIP trunking does not have any hidden costs associated.

Future Proof

If that’s not enough to convince you to switch to VoIP, the major telecoms providers around the world will be phasing out PSTN and ISDN within the next ten years. However, even with these features, you need to make sure that your internet telephony service provider is able to guarantee you a reliable service and excellent customer

Why EBC Group?

At EBC Group, we offer both on-premises and hosted VoIP phone systems. We use the market-leading Swyx platform with SIP trunking to provide the most cost-effective and reliable internet phone services for your business. Swyx integrates voice, email, video, voicemail, fax, instant messaging, presence information, application sharing and your company-relevant applications into just one user interface.

 EBC Group are a Gold UK Swyx partner and one of the only UK providers of its cloud telephony solutions. This means you can be sure we can offer you the most competitive prices and can give you the complete specialist after-sales support you require.

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EBC VoIP Technology

There are many advantages to using EBC Group’s VoIP systems over traditional telephony, the main being the reduced costs for VoIP-to-VoIP calls (both local and international), including zero cost for calling between a business’s different outlets or sites. You may also save up to 50% off line rental with our internet telephony services. If you want to upgrade your phone network with VoIP you simply need extra bandwidth; with traditional business telephony you will need to purchase more hardware and dedicated lines, which can be very costly.

EBC Group’s SIP technology gives bandwidth priority to calls, ensuring voice quality and reliability. Our hosted service is located at our private data centre based at our headquarters and fully replicated to our secondary data centre. Because our VoIP service is internet-based, it doesn’t require the purchase of any hardware such as handsets.

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VoIP & Swyx platform

If you do have your own PBX equipment, EBC Group will make sure our SIP trunking technology is compatible with it before engaging in any work for you. We use the innovative and intuitively usable Swyx software, which is simply installed across all devices and enables every device to be not only a convenient telephone but also a universal communication portal for all media.

Our Swyx platform incorporates productivity-enhancing features such as conference calls, direct dial to sister companies, call waiting, call forwarding, and call transferring. EBC Group will be pleased to advise you on everything from basic to multi-featured VoIP systems according to your business’s needs and budget. With our hosted VoIP phone packages you won’t need to pay for servers or software, meaning you can direct your funds to developing the profitability of your business.

EBC Group’s Unified Communications features are ideal for a remote workforce and allow you to create a single business presence wherever you are, with integrated messaging, voice and video calling on your office phone, desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet.

EBC Group VoIP Benefits

Other benefits you will see with VoIP telephony include:

You will be able to use your existing routers and computers, and any new features will be achieved through upgrades to the software. Larger organisations may wish to install an onsite or on-premises PBX system for VoIP calls – where the hardware is kept onsite in your server cupboard. This can give you greater flexibility in adding or removing users and functionality, and gives you greater control over what you pay in the long run.

However, onsite internet telephony will require significant capital outlay and maintenance costs, and it will not provide the ideal solution for businesses that are spread over multiple locations. Because there is no requirement for on-site PBX, you can minimise capital costs upfront with our hosted VoIP services, where you are only required to pay per user, per month. In addition to this, our billing system consolidates all rental and call charges in to one manageable itemised bill, helping you allocate costs accordingly.

Offering significant benefits over traditional telephone systems, our VoIP and hosted telephony solutions are delivered via the Swyx platform and provide the highest level of call quality. Replacing dated ISDN connections with a single IP connection, VoIP allows you to scale up or down and only pay for what your business needs.

Why choose EBC Group?

Established over 30 years ago, EBC Group has grown to become one of the most respected workplace technology specialists in the UK. We provide managed services to hundreds of businesses and thousands of users across the country. Unlike many of our competitors, we are able to provide all of your IT and technology needs without outsourcing to a third party. This means that we can work with our clients to create support solutions that are tailored to their individual needs.

EBC Group is a wholly independent company working with and accredited by some of the leading global IT innovators and manufacturers. Everything we do is managed, maintained and supported by our own specialist team. Securely hosted at our data centres in the UK,  we ensure immediate access to your data, applications and systems 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

To make your life more simple, EBC Group can be your single source solution for all your workplace technology. This means you will only need to deal with one company for everything from telephony and connectivity to managed IT, Disaster Recovery, Managed Print and Information Management

With continual help desk support for your business, you can be secure in the knowledge that our team will be on-hand to support your people. We don’t charge for each support call or for call outs, meaning you will receive a fixed monthly fee with no unexpected extra charges.

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