Uncovering the backup gaps in Office 365

23 November 2020, 04:47 GMT
By Adam Flynn

As one of the most popular software suits in the world, a large number of businesses today benefit from Mircosoft’s cloud based subscription model, ‘Office 365’, which now offers a host of applications and services alongside its core offering including; OneDrive, Exchange and Microsoft Teams.

The draw of Office 365 is in its ability to connect all apps and services, but with so much data being distributed amongst the Office 365 programmes, many fail to realise this data is not backed up in a way most organisations require.

Although Microsoft provides a number of useful features to safeguard customer data, ultimately it does not specialise in backup and recovery, and leaves the responsibility of long-term retention to its users. As a rule, Office 365 only offers a built-in 30-day retention period, whilst SharePoint is only backed up every 12 hours, with just a 14-day retention. Simply put, once that data is gone, it’s gone. This is one of the key reasons organisations opt to use third-party backup providers.

When it comes to day-to-day data usage, we all know how easy it is to accidentally delete an email or a file, but what if this went unnoticed? Or worse, if malware deleted or corrupted files that weren’t frequently used, and were potentially lost forever?

Compliance is one of the key reasons for the adoption of Office 365 backup, with a majority of solutions providing the flexibility to tailor backup requirements in-line with compliance demands, whilst also meeting data availability for GDPR purposes. Some of the best backup solutions support the backup of Exchange online, SharePoint and OneDrive, in addition to the backup of all other information on the platform.

When it comes to accessing the data, this is simple. Many backup solutions offer tools to quickly search and recover items, whether that’s entire mailboxes or more granular restores of individual files. Additionally, a back-up provider will allow you to create a detailed retention policy, enabling you to decide what data requires storage, the length of time data needs to be retained as well as setting the number of restore versions.

Office 365 Security:

Although backup acts as a safety net for any data that is deleted, changed or even stolen, relying on Office 365’s basic cyber security offering does not offer the comprehensive coverage most organisations demand. For those businesses looking for an additional layer of protection, extra security measures can be implemented to protect the Microsoft Office 365 platform as part of a backup solution, including:

Once implemented, it is always a good idea to keep track of your back-up data. To make this process easier, a back-up solution should regularly generate reports helping you to keep tabs on storage space, retention policies and most importantly protect against potential data security issues.

EBC Group take the complexity of managing and migrating to Office 365, ensuring your platform is secure and fully backed-up. Using Veeam Backup, our specialist team provides the means and advice on the best back-up and security solutions for your Office 365 environment, as part of our wider security solutions offerings.  Our solutions leave you safe in the knowledge that your data is safe, secure and recoverable.

For more information on EBC Group’s Office 365 back-up and managed solutions, contact hello@ebcgroup.co.uk  or Get in Touch here

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