The future digital workplace with Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS)

27 May 2021, 11:44 BST
By Adam Flynn

It’s hard to believe how much has changed in the workplace. In a short amount of time businesses of all sizes have been swept up in a digital revolution, with IT and technology taking centre stage as one of the most essential parts of business practise.

As we start to see the steady integration of employees back into the office, much of what goes into this space is now likely to be digitalised. But where does that leave traditional print?  As our multi-functional devices (MFD’s) sit idly waiting for our return, many will question if this staple office feature will even be needed having spent the last year managing quite well without it. What’s really being questioned is, ‘is print dead’?

Despite the noise around the ‘paperless office’, print and our multi-functional devices still have an important part to play in the modern workplace. Gone are the days when your office printer was solely used for printing. Today, our MFD’s have evolved to become a digital hub, allowing you to scan, transform, route and share documents, and is key to automating your office processes.

The evolution of Managed Print Services (MPS)

By now, most of us will have been accustomed to the term Managed Print Services, (or Managed Print Solutions). In short, MPS will reduce your costs, standardise your printers and manage your printer maintenance and consumables. What’s more, it will provide your office with a modern, intuitive multi-functional printer.

But we know that how we interact with our multi-functional devices is now much more diverse than when we first introduced to Managed Print Services. MPS now sits under the umbrella ‘Intelligent Workplace Solutions’ (IWS) which, along with print, also encompasses scanning, translation, content curation, digital transformation, data security and more. To put it plainly, what was about ‘print’, is now about ‘documents and data’.

Going digital with Intelligent Workplace Services? (IWS)

With the arrival of Covid-19, flexible and hybrid working has accelerated to such an extent that is likely to become the ‘office norm’. As we wake up to the idea that connected devices, cloud computing and apps will as standard be part of the future workplace, Intelligent Workplace services look to bridge the gap between paper and digital platforms.


With the modern workplace now producing an incredible amount of data across devices, users and documents, IWS analytical capabilities will help to reveal opportunities for optimisation, automation and overall improvements.

Reducing the financial, environmental and administrative cost of printing, IWS technology will provide insight into how users interact with devices, tracking who is printing, how much is being printed and where, helping to make actionable insights and paths to automate and simplify document workflows


Helping to alleviate the repetitive and complex everyday tasks, a wide variety of business apps are available from your device interface or mobile device. Whether scanning invoices, expense reports, customer details or simply sending an email, intelligent apps integrate with many popular ERP, CRM and third-party systems helping to extend your printers capabilities.

Much like downloading an app on your phone, cloud apps are easy to install, secure and offer a multitude of benefits including; document conversion, document storage, serverless printing and digital collaboration.

Secure Security:

Starting at your multi-functional device, enhanced security helps protect documents, devices and data from inappropriate distribution. Autonomous monitoring and interactive dashboards make it easy to provide print security across your devices, whilst user permissions governed by select personnel makes it easy to lockdown access, chargeback on print and monitor data usage throughout the business.

The future

Don’t cancel that paper order just yet. When it comes to get getting people’s attention, paper still has the edge over digital content, and there are plenty out there who still prefer the importance of a physical document. However, when it comes to your multifunctional device, it’s time to look beyond ‘traditional print’ to Intelligent Workplace Services that work in hand-in-hand with the new digital office.

With over 30 years of delivering print and digital IT solutions, EBC Group’s Intelligent Workplace solutions look to improve your printing, document environment and work processes on every level. Whether you’re looking to save costs, improve employee flexibility and efficiency, or automate your mundane processes, our IWS provide analytics, workflow automation, content management and benchmark security technology that seamlessly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure.

For more information on Intelligent Workplace solutions contact us here, or talk to one of our team on 0121 585 4400.

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