The Death of ISDN

10 May 2018, 03:30 BST
By Adam Flynn

As with most technologies, ISDN has now reached the end of its lifespan, as BT announce a target date for a complete migration from ISDN to IP based telephony.

Although there is still time to upgrade, millions of customers are still to migrate which could prove difficult in the future, in addition to the lack of investments now being made in ISDN lines.

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SIP (Session Internet Protocol) is an alternative to traditional telephone connections, allowing you to make calls via IP.  A powerful, scalable and flexible solution, its removal of physical aspects such as phone lines not only reduces costs by up to 40%, but also reduces the restrictions around call capacity and location

Switching to more sophisticated SIP technology should be a business priority, with its scalable and cost effective benefits greatly outweighing dying ISDN lines.

For a growing number of IT managers, whose responsibilities also cover business telecoms, SIP technology still remains relatively cloudy despite its status as the next big shift in telecoms.

“For businesses, SIP offers a level of flexibility that ISDN lines simply can’t complete with “

For businesses, SIP offers a level of flexibility that ISDN lines simply can’t complete with. With working hours now stretching beyond traditional 9-5, employees demand office solutions on the move, with access to their communications anywhere, at anytime.

SIP enables remote workers to have calls made to their desk phone automatically delivered to their smartphone or PC, with no incurring charges.

But, what should businesses consider before making the move?  Essentially, it’s all about selecting the right partner. Businesses should source a provider that has its network, data centre and connectivity all under one roof.

A partner with the ability to provide a hosted telephony solution will be able to provide further costs savings and flexibility. With cloud based telephony systems there is the benefit of no outlay on expensive hardware and maintenance. A pay per user, per month solution that gives you complete flexibility to increase capacity as required.

For EBC Group, an award-winning provider of IT and telecommunications, their end-to-end service includes all aspects required of a SIP solution. From their privately owned data centres, EBC Group can host exclusive network connections and hosted telephony, in addition to providing disaster recovery for further resilience, system security and the implementation of the phones.

For more information about SIP solutions or ISDN migration please contact get in touch.

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