RPA – Watch a recording of the webinar

28 January 2021, 02:33 GMT
By Adam Flynn

A Guide to RPA

Find out more about RPA and how it can benefit your business


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables you to automate manual and routine tasks saving time and costs and improving accuracy.

Much like human interaction, RPA mimics keystrokes and mouse clicks made by employees. However, unlike humans, RPA does not require a physical screen and works in a virtual environment to the complete tasks, making the entire process cost effective. RPA is suitable for all types of businesses and can be utilised by Enterprise level companies and SMEs. Despite it being a complex solution, it is easy to implement and can be installed in a matter of days and for a relatively low cost.

Our recent webinar explored what RPA is, with real-life examples of how businesses already use it and what benefits they achieve. The webinar also included a live demo of an RPA robot in action and ended with a lively Q&A sessions. Attendees of the webinar have told us that they have been able to implement meaningful changes to their processes based on the information they learnt.

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Webinar recording

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