Project saves Avon and Somerset Police £650,000

29 January 2020, 01:10 GMT
By EBC Group

EBC Group have completed a project with Avon and Somerset Police and Xerox Services to help the force generate print-related savings of at least £650,000 over two years.

Avon and Somerset Police needed to make operational efficiencies to maintain policing levels without dipping into reserves. EBC Group worked with the force to identify ways to make cost-savings and quality improvements to its bulk print operations.

With policing budgets under pressure as part of the government’s austerity policy, Avon and Somerset Police needed to generate operational efficiencies. “To maintain policing levels without dipping into our reserves, we had to look for innovative ways to make savings,” says Steve Hodgson, Head of Procurement.

A joint venture with an IT service provider covering printing was coming to an end. “We took it as an opportunity to see if we could print better for less,” says Steve. The force asked EBC Group to help by carrying out a benchmarking exercise on managed print value propositions, quality, and compliance with information protection requirements.

EBC Group proposed a range of Xerox Services to meet the force’s ambitions. “The work done by EBC Group gave us assurance that selecting Xerox met our internal governance on contract awards,” says Steve.

Further print-related efficiency gains through Xerox’s Document Publishing and Production, Hybrid Mail and Intelligent Workplace Services, enabling the force to make savings, increase information security, and transform citizen communications.

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