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26 March 2020, 08:11 GMT
By Adam Flynn

As Covid-19 forces thousands of employees across the UK to work from home for the first time, knowing which tools can help you stay productive can be a real blessing through these isolated times.

Remote working shouldn’t be disruptive, with cloud based technology giving us the freedom and flexibility to access our essential work systems and data from the very comfort of our own homes. There are hundreds of easily downloadable apps available, designed to make your home working a breeze- here are some of the most popular apps available to download today;

Pile of apps



One of the hottest communications apps on the market, Slack is a collaboration hub which aims to replace email as your primary method of communication and sharing. Its workspaces allow you to organise your communications, whether that’s group discussions or private messaging, and enables teams to share information, files and more all in one place. Slack conveniently integrates with existing services such as Dropbox, zoom and Salesforce, allowing information to flow freely.

Microsoft Teams:

Providing a central hub for all your team communications, Microsoft teams brings together file sharing, HD audio and visual and messaging, alongside a number of customisable features and enterprise level security and compliance, making it the ideal remote working solution. EBC Group are currently offering a 6 month free trial of Office 365, including Microsoft Teams. To register for this exclusive offer Click Here

Data Storage:

Google Drive

A firm favourite amongst personal users and businesses like, Google Drive at its most basic offers a cloud storage service, allowing users to store files and access them whenever they need. However, Google Drive also offers a multitude of additional features, including offline web extensions for users to edit documents with no internet connection, group sharing, app integration and intuitive collaboration, which keeps up to 100 revisions of a file making it easy to rectify mistakes.


For those looking for more advanced features than Dropbox’s free cloud storage offering, Dropbox for Business provides a smart workspace where teams, tools and content come together alongside secure file storage. Dropbox for Business makes creating, storing and sharing your data simple, with access to your teams work available anytime, and anywhere thanks to its cloud capabilities. Additionally, Dropbox for Business also connects tools such as Slack and Zoom, keeping all team files and conversations in the same place, on a secure infrastructure.



For all you social butterflies, isolation doesn’t mean you have to stop connecting with your colleagues and contacts. The LinkedIn App provides a fantastic platform to search for connections, respond to requests, participate in group discussions and share information. It’s free basic plan means it’s available to everyone, and keeps you connected to the wider business community.

Managing your work:


Working from home can often leaving you feeling a little disjointed, but with Evernote keeping on top of your work tasks has never been easier. Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app, where you can easily create to-do-lists, make notes and voice recordings or even take photos- better still, these notes are all organised in a searchable platform and syncs across all of your devices, allowing you access to your tasks and ideas from any location.


When it comes to time management apps, few can compare to market leaders such as Basecamp, Asana and Trello. For those looking to collaborate and organise projects, Trello provides a host of features, including boards, lists and cards that help prioritise your projects in a fun way. It’s easy to share your progress with your colleagues, creating teams where comments, attachments and media can be seen at a glance, making for simple collaboration on projects, from beginning to end.

How can EBC Group help?

For those businesses looking to step-up their remote-working capabilities, EBC Group offer a number of remote working solutions, from communications and telephony via our Swyx solution, to document management via our M-Files solution, and virtual desktop services. We understand the pressures businesses now face in light of recent changes, and our specialist team can advise and engage with you to offer the most suitable remote working solutions to suit your business demands.

To see what further steps your business should be taking to become remote working ready see our blog ‘Does your team have the technology to work effectively from home?’

For more information on EBC Group’s remote working solutions contact Or 0121 585 4400.

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