Managed IT Vs Traditional IT Support

15 March 2016, 12:00 GMT
By Adam Flynn

For businesses looking to keep a tight grip on the purse strings, forgoing the monthly expense of a managed IT service and simply calling a traditional support service each time an issue arises may seem budget friendly, but what are the implications?

Much like a traditional service, such as a plumber or electrician, your IT Support Company will send someone to fix the problem as and when required, by which time data could be lost, downtime has incurred and productivity is reduced.

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This traditional approach to IT maintenance means that although you are still managing your hardware and software, you are relying on someone to repair and fix your issues at their convenience.

Costs for repairs, consultations and hourly labour are unpredictable and leaves little room for accurate budgets, which could easily spiral out of control depending on the severity of the issue. Not only this, but your call-out technician has no history of working with your systems, which could take them longer to identify and fix the problems.

With the vast majority of businesses now relying on IT and technology to support and aid their daily processes, the event of an IT meltdown can be disastrous. A Managed Service relieves businesses of the burden associated with IT maintenance, in addition to providing them with the latest and most advanced technology.

A set monthly fee allows you to budget accordingly, whilst you take advantage of dedicated technical support, which keeps your systems up-to-date and running at maximum efficiency.  Most essentially a managed IT service gives you the peace of mind that can’t be matched by a traditional IT support service by working hard to identify potential challenges and threats to your systems and resolving any issues before they disrupt your employees or operations.

How can EBC Group help?

EBC Group understand how important it is for businesses to maintain a healthy IT system, offering managed IT services that identify and fix technical issues before you are even aware, leaving you to concentrate on what really matters.

Providing a range of managed services, including IT services, telephony & connectivity, print solutions and information management, Halesowen based technology providers EBC Group, have been providing managed services for over 25 years. As an award-winning provider of IT and technology, we have invested heavily in our infrastructure, privately owning dual data centres that allow us to uniquely position ourselves as a total solutions provider.

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