IT spending set to soar amid post pandemic planning

29 June 2021, 04:21 BST
By Adam Flynn

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As businesses around the globe bounce back from the difficulties of the pandemic, 2021 is set to be the biggest year for IT spending on record. According to the latest forecasts by global research firm, Gartner, worldwide IT spending looks to hit $3.9 trillion by the end of 2021.

As we continue to feel the fallout and effects of the pandemic, businesses will be forced to accelerate digital transformation plans by at least 5 years to survive in a post Covid world. Unsurprisingly, spending related to remote work will be a key factor in driving IT growth, with a total of $332.9 billion to be invested in remote work infrastructure and digital transformation initiatives.

Our own report, conducted with the Worcestershire and Herefordshire Chamber of Commerce predicted that 62% of Worcestershire businesses are set to increase their digital technology spend. But what do IT and business leaders deem the most essential areas of investment?

As we start our journey down the road to recovery, ‘digital business’ will continue to dominate technology trends, with priorities such as cloud, end-user and security leading the way.

Cloud Services

Driving the economy through the instability of Covid-19, Cloud triumphed as the true business hero of the pandemic. Any reluctance toward cloud has been swiftly disregarded, with the pandemic serving as catalyst for cloud interest.  With an increasing number of businesses looking to modernise legacy infrastructure, the biggest cloud spend will come from infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) – including compute, storage and networking. This will be closely followed by Software as a Service (SaaS), where heavy investments in hosted applications, alongside collaboration, productivity and security tools, will look to further support flexible and remote work, as well as innovation


We only have to look at recent headlines to realise the enormity of cyberattacks causing crisis among businesses and organisations worldwide. Cashing in on the pandemic, cyber criminals have ramped up their activity with 172,079 attacks on UK businesses reported between January and March 2021 alone. Looking to meet the demands of remote working, cloud and SaaS vulnerabilities, security investment will focus on end user security such as; secure access, end-point protection, multi-factor authentication and backup. Security strategies will need to be realigned with the rise of new digital products and services implemented over lockdowns, in addition to personal employee devices and unsecure home Wi-Fi connections

Outsourced services

As our appetite for technology grows, so do the costs of planning, implementing and managing new technology strategies. SME’s with smaller IT budgets and resources will look to outsource some, or all elements of their IT infrastructure. Managed Service Providers, like EBC Group, provide state-of-the-art services and solutions for a fraction of the cost of sourcing hardware and software in-house.

Businesses looking to digitally transform, update or overhaul their existing technology will invest their money with reliable outsourced providers. Helping to bridge the technology gap, businesses can access market leading solutions, services and on demand support that would otherwise not have been financially viable. Helping our clients to invest in the best IT and technology for their business needs, EBC Group’s award-winning managed services can you understand your current IT setup and identify ways to make it more efficient, cost effective and easier for the end-user.

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