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18 January 2022, 08:55 GMT
By Lucy Kaplan

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How can technology be the big differentiating factor

Alongside the chaos it has caused the vast majority of businesses over the last year and a half, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought very significant changes to the digital space. It has hugely accelerated the uptake of digital technology across all industries and has brought enormous advances in technology which would usually have taken place over the space of years, but due to the recent crisis have taken place over just 18 months. So, looking ahead to the future, it is clear that only the businesses who are at the forefront of digital technologies are going to thrive.

On a global level, companies are rethinking the role of digital technology in their overall business strategy, reassessing their current provisions and putting a much bigger emphasis on their digital assets. Organisations are now investing in leaders who are experts in technology and senior leadership teams are focusing heavily on their digital strategy. This means that they are allocating a much larger proportion of their budget to their digital assets and overhauling their IT facilities and services.

There are some companies which stand out, leading the way when it comes to technological innovation. According to a survey by McKinsey, responses from these businesses confirm that better overall technology capabilities, talent, leadership, and resources are linked to better economic outcomes. These organisations don’t wait for the next big tech trend, they create it. They are the innovators of the digital world, overturning convention and creating a new vision for the future.

Another interesting finding from the survey, is that a large number of organisations aren’t investing in the parts of their business models that are at the greatest risk of digital disruption. This is an important area for businesses to consider going forward, with great advances in technology also bringing more areas at risk of failure and security threats. 

Infographic demonstrating how companies with superior technology are ahead of the rest

So how can you go about equipping your business with the right tools to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and ahead of your competitors?

Be customer centric

The golden rule in any area of business is to always put the customer first and technology is no exception. When planning an IT modernisation roadmap, it is vital to assess what business outcomes you are trying to achieve and how you are going to achieve them. Each aspect of your IT infrastructure upgrade should contribute to each goal, be that recruitment, productivity, customer service, sales, user experience or customer retention.

It is helpful to get teams from across the business, including Operations, Business Development, Finance and HR to collaborate and discuss the modernisation roadmap. Each team will have their own requirements but by working closely together, they will be able to contribute strategic insights into what types of agile technology they will all need to fulfil their common goals.

Build simple architecture

An IT architecture plan is a vital tool in building success in a digital economy, in the same way that a business plan is key in helping a company to achieve their financial goals. To the same effect, architectural planning goes hand in hand with digital transformation.

An organisation’s transformation into a digital business involves not just incorporating new technology but building a whole new structure and relevant processes as well. Global business operations are evolving and the aim of architecture planning is to begin with commercial goals and work backwards to the best IT solutions, meaning this isn’t only an IT initiative, but technology becomes a pivotal part of the organisation.

Create an agile plan

The world of technology moves so quickly that having an agile plan is vital to business success. Businesses that are agile and open to transformation are the ones who are going to survive and prosper.

It’s clear that an agile digital strategy is key, yet many companies are struggling to achieve this. One of the most significant factors that separates the top performing businesses from the rest economically is how quickly they set, implement and adapt their digital strategy. They are proactive, rather than reactive, constantly identifying opportunities for growth. Velocity and adaptability are both essential for organisations to achieve first mover or fast follower status which is widely known to be of considerable economic advantage.

Promote a digital-first culture across the business

In order for your business to be technology focused, it is important to promote a technology forward culture across the whole business and encourage all staff to maintain a digital mindset, recognising the importance of knowledge and the value of technology. This helps staff members to identify opportunities where they can streamline day-to-day operations and processes using technology.

Creating a digital-first culture requires companies to put education at the heart of the business to ensure strong digital growth, whilst remaining agile in order to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving climate.

Engage the right IT service partners

It is important to choose the correct IT service providers to help carry out your organisation’s IT architecture plan. When you have your plan in place, get in touch with some providers and see if they provide the variety of services you require, to the scale you require them and check that they are experts in these particular areas. 

EBC Group offer an extensive range of Managed IT Services including cloud computingnetwork managementconnectivity and cyber security to support your business’ technological growth, whether you are nearer the beginning of your digital transformation and need some assistance modernising your systems or you are further along your journey and want update to a specific area of your tech. For more information, visit, contact us, or call us on 0121 3680154.

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