EBC Group approved by government framework

19 February 2021, 12:17 GMT
By Adam Flynn

The framework can be used by any public sector body seeking to digitally transform

EBC Group have been approved by a government framework which will provide them with a new route to work directly with public sector organisations on IT and digital transformation projects.

The framework on the Fortrus platform will enable all government organisations to procure IT and technology directly from EBC Group.

The government framework provides a pre-approved route to market for EBC Group within a compliant framework that can be used by any public sector body seeking to digitally transform their organisation. It is beneficial for public sector organisations because it gives access to a wider market, rather than being restricted to a handful of large players.

While it’s solely operated by Fortrus, one of its unique benefits is that it operates as a true multi-vendor framework. Proactively engaging with suppliers to enable them to work individually, or collaboratively with other suppliers.

The framework is completely versatile and allows any public sector body to transform itself digitally. That can range from commodity purchases, such as laptops and licences, in order to mobilise a workforce due to the coronavirus, for instance, or to deliver a very complex programme, such as a cloud migration strategy for UK policing.

Richard Lane, Group Managing Director at EBC Group commented “We have previous experience of working in the public sector with organisations such as Avon & Somerset Police in conjunction with our partner Xerox and the Fortrus platform will provide us with a direct route to engage with other public sector bodies looking to explore in digital transformation opportunities.”

More About Fortrus

Fortrus have over 15 years of experience delivering Digital Transformation and Managed Services across the Private and Public Sector. We have revolutionised technology outcomes through a range of Digital Transformation Frameworks that range from £100m to £10bn and enable transformation programmes up to 10 years in length.

​ At Fortrus, our mission is to deliver Digital Transformation through outcomes-based solutions, wrapped in a Managed Service.  This approach reduces risk, ensures the most effective and innovative technologies, and provides guaranteed results.  The Fortrus vision is that solutions should be procured as best-of-breed, with multiple suppliers brought together to deliver a beneficial outcome.  Our Blueprint Enablement Programme provides our clients with a proven outcome based on our extensive technology delivery experience and that of our Fortrus Framework Certified Partners. Our Digital Transformation Frameworks uniquely align suppliers behind a single contracting authority to deliver real value for money and ROI. 

For more information visit www.fortrus.com

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