e-Book: Your Guide to Remote working

22 September 2020, 12:11 BST
By Adam Flynn

A complete guide to remote working and the new digital workplace

The world around us continues to change, bringing with it the need for new services, solutions and ways of performing day to day tasks away from the office. 

The demand for flexible, remote working solutions has catalysed the adoption of digital platforms and experiences, and this free downloadable e-Book explores some of the key technology steps required for the new digital workplace.  

Download to discover:

Whether you’re in the very early stages of your remote working journey, or have an existing remote workforce, this e-Book will highlight the tools and solutions needed to improve your digital experience, including:

  • What’s changed in the workplace
  • Where to start your remote technology journey
  • Solutions needed to support a remote workforce

e-Book: Remote Working

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