e-Book: Digital Transformation Mistakes

20 September 2019, 11:08 BST
By EBC Group

5 Digital Transformation Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Everyone knows that digital transformation is hot topic right now. At the top of C-suite and IT department agenda, it provides a strategy to modernise old processes, to link up data silos and provide business leaders with a joined-up view of the company.     

However creeating a digital workplace is not a single package or cloud solution that can suddenly turn a slow-moving company into a nimble and dynamic entity.     

There are plenty of mistakes a business can make when embarking on a transformation journey. These are five of the worst examples – and how to avoid them.  

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The 5 mistakes that most businesses make when starting a digital transformation project:

  • A lack of clear strategic direction
  • Thinking it’s all about the technology
  • Seeing digital transformation as the requirement to build something new
  • Your team doesn’t have the right knowledge
  • Not having the right infrastructure in place

e-Book: 5 Mistakes of Digital Transformation

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