Cyber Essentials: The Full Lowdown

28 October 2021, 10:24 BST
By Lucy Kaplan

Cyber Essentials

Get certified to ensure that your business is protected against cyber threats and your customers and suppliers know that you are cyber secure.

Cyber Security Risks

As technology evolves and progresses, so does the level of security risk to your business. With huge leaps and bounds made in the world of technology, particularly over the last 18 months, and more and more organisations engaging with both a wider range of digital services and more advanced technology, there are more opportunities for hackers to breach your systems and cyber attacks to occur.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a cyber security certification which confirms that your business is adequately protected against cyber threats. It is a government-recognised accreditation which proves that your business has a good base level of cyber security. The certification process involves filling out a questionnaire to demonstrate various measures that your business has taken to protect itself and customers against various security risks, such as, web, email, phishing and malware risks, and providing documentation where necessary to support the application.   

Applying for and completing all of the documentation for the Cyber Essentials accreditation can be both tricky and take a considerable amount of time. Our Cyber Essentials service will help you complete it quickly and easily, with our cyber security experts guiding you all of the way through the process. And assisting you with any obstacles you encounter. Our team are trained and certified to the highest levels, having achieved ISO 27001, ISO 9001, Cyber Secure Plus and FCA accreditations.

The benefits of Cyber Essentials for your business

There are many benefits to taking the Cyber Essentials accreditation. It is a good way to ensure your organisation’s security levels are up to scratch and your systems are protected to an adequate level; just being Cyber Essentials certified can reduce your cyber security risk by up to 98.5%. 

Being accredited provides reassurance to your customers that you take cyber security seriously and are committed to putting the appropriate security measures in place to protect their data. In fact, certain organisations will only use suppliers who have the certification, meaning that you could be losing out on business simply by not having it. Once you have achieved Cyber Essentials certification, you can proudly display the accreditation logo across your website and marketing materials to show that you have your network security under control.

Cyber Essentials Plus

For those looking to upgrade their accreditation to a more advanced level, Cyber Essentials Plus is a higher level certification which is awarded by an external certifying body. It provides your business with an extra level of assurance through the external testing of your cyber security provision.

Is your business cyber secure?

With technology advancing at a rapid rate and companies quickly adapting to new systems and IT infrastructure, many organisations have not had a chance to fully update or implement their cyber security strategy yet, leaving them exposed.

Prior to applying for Cyber Essentials certification, you will need to ensure that your business is cyber secure. EBC Group offer a range of cyber security services which will help get your business to where you need to be in the current digital climate. We are certified to Cyber Essentials Plus level and partner with world leading brands such as Kaspersky Lab and Watchguard to provide the very latest in threat protection products.

We can help you to protect your Office 365 platform with our Mitigate 365 solution, sophisticated anti-virus software, multi-factor authentication processes and best-in-class firewall systems. This will mean that you have all of the necessary elements in place to fly through your Cyber Essentials certification.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you secure your network, contact us, call us on 0121 3680119 or email us at

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